Fiber optic hoop? someone who owns one got any reviews?

I am thinking about buying a fiber optic hoop, I saw a demo on youtube and its looks beautiful and has tons of modes but i have seen mixed reviews about the quality of these hoop. Anyone who has a fiber optic hoop wanna give it a review. I really don't want to spend 300 dollars on a hoop that isn't top-quality. also any reviews on meccas All Lite led hoop? Are there other hoops that have a variety of modes? any advice so greatly appreciated. thanx all fellow hoopers

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I've never heard of fibre optic hoops. I've heard good things about Astral Hoops' Atomic Hoop (LED) and that has something like 90 modes. I have a friend who has one and she seems to love it.

Great timing!  I'm updating the current LED hoop reviews.  Must be about time I ad Fiber Optics hoop to the charts hey. 



so many hoops, so little time and money! :) i just wonder if they are light enough. (the fiber Optic ones)


I am a semi beginner hooper (1 year).  Your youtube videos have played a huge part in my progress over the last year.  What kind of LED hoop do you use?

Yay! Thanks! I aim to please! My LED hoop is a 341/2 inch psi hoop made with half inch tubing.(i think :) ) ive always liked the psi hoops i've had. i would NOT recommend getting a cheep led hoop, ive heard about a lot of problems with them breaking and having crappy switches.

I've played with them before, and they aren't the lightest LED hoops you can get, but they feel good and the weight is actually a small price to pay for all the awesomeness of the crazy modes. A 36" one I played with only felt slightly heavier than my cosmic hoop. 

It would be weird if you always hoop with poly pro, but if you are still comfy hooping with a  slightly heavier hoop it's really not so bad. But seriously, all the modes are amazing, and... think of the extra arm muscles!!

Fibre optic hoops are definitely mesmerizing, but my question is how fragile are they? A lot of things with fibre optic technology tend to be very breakable and it would really suck to break a fibre optic hoop. (I've never seen one in person, but it doesn't seem like repairing it would be as easy as replacing an LED light.) I know that you're not exactly supposed to throw around an LED, but both of mine have taken some serious beatings. Would a fibre optic hoop be able to handle the same kind of abuse?

hmmm hadn't thought of that. I have a tendency to smmmmmaaaaaassshh my hoops, into me, into other people,into walls, random objects. that would definitely effect my decision.

You could get a hoop daddy Phoenix hoop that has close to the same modes.

The concept looks amazing (a continuous stream of light) and I am ready for a night hoop that doesn't blind me like my others.  I have heard that there is a noticeable gap in the light where the battery is.  I am excited to see one in person. 

You could tape the direct opposite side as wall as the gap, and the spots in between just to mask the gap in lighting

I actually just played with one of these a couple weeks ago. They are BEYOND heavy. It's hard to do any reversals or isolations with them because they weigh so much! If you already moved on to a poly pro hoop this is not for you!


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