I have a couple of questions. I have been reading every bit of fire info I can find to prepare myself before even buying a hoop. Since hubby has done fire devil sticks before he will always be my safety. And I plan to practice quite a bit unlit to get used to the difference in the hoop way before i ever lite up.

My questions are about choosing the proper hoop. I am kinda short & comfy hooping right now with an 38" 100 psi  3/4" hoop. Should I get a small diameter hoop? I'd hate for it to feel "too big" later (advice I've read on purchasing LED hoops always suggests this, have not noticed on fire hoop postings though)Or should I go bigger to keep fire further away?

Next- the wicks. I'm thinking I'd really like the quick wicks & seem like a good investment but then a traditional hoop seems nice too. What about the wicks? What's the difference in cathedral vs round wrapped wicks? Any preference?  How do you choose a "size" wick, what's best for beginners? Thanks in advance!

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I don't own a fire hoop (yet!) but my brother and friends spin fire poi and devil sticks. I would say make sure you are READY to invest. When I bought my LED I downsized and it has taken me a long time to get tricks I have mastered on my practice hoops on the LED. I don't know the round wicks but the cathedral's are stacked up and sewn every inch or so. And I honestly think quick wicks are the best investment. After you buy as many as desired it does come out to be about as much as a fire hoop but you can put them on whatever hoop you want! Which means not having to choose a diameter or tubing size. Wish I could help more! Congrats on whatever you decide, fire hoops are only in my dreams :)

It couldn't hurt to downsize, having a fire hoop be 38'' seems pretty big and would be hard to do some tricks. Just keep in mind that the wicks will add a couple of extra inches to your hoop, so if you have a big hoop you could be whacking your wicks on the ground.

How tall are you by the way. I''m about 5'2 and i use a 30''-33'' fire hoop with 5 in. spines (the wick is attached to the end of a spine)

I've sold a LOT of fire hoops over the last decade.  the first thing you should (and probably do) recognize is that the spine length (the things that hold the wicks) will add to the effective outside diameter of the hoop.  But what you might not get is that the extra weight of the wicks causes even smaller hoops to move slower and feel heavier.


As for hoop size, I usually recommend trying a bunch of hoops and seeing what the smallest one is with which you feel comfortable.  This should be about the bet size for a fire hoop; the wick weight will slow the hoop down to something you're more accustomed to.


Spine length.  If you've never played with fire before, you'll probably want to go with longer spines rather than shorter ones.  I also recommend longer spines for people with long hair or penchant for frilly outfits.


Number of spines.  Many people feel that more spines = less room for outside tricks.  But you're not obliged to use them all.  In fact, my favorite shows are with 8 wick hoops with only 3 wicks in a specific pattern.  Still, 6 spine hoops are among the most popular.  Though, honestly, I don't understand why 4 wick hoops aren't more popular.


Fact.  Most fire hoopers go through several hoops changing weight, size, spines, etc.  So, my suggestion is to go a little cheap on the first one and use it to determine what your preferences actually are.

I was thinking the same thing a little while ago, I prefer using four wicks because you can do so much with your hoop that way.

I recommend getting the Quick Wicks. Then you can put them on any hoop. You can use them on a hoop that you're already comfortable with or move them to a smaller one if you downsize. (I'm not a fan of getting a hoop smaller than your comfortable with for learning. You want to be comfortable learning.) You can also color coordinate a fire hoop to an outfit if you want. It's also easier to travel with Quick Wicks because you can take them off and pack them in your bag. (I've had several airlines refuse to fly my fire hoop with the wicks attached.)


About the wicks themselves, I recommend getting either 1 1/2-inches or 2-inches. I think 1 is too small. The others are just right. 

What about the 1 inch wick do you find too small?

Wow, thank you so much for all these replies!! See- this is why I love the hooping community online, everybody just tries to help! LOL, if only there was one (community) locally...oh well, I'm working on that!


I'm 5'3" and the smallest hoop I can hoop comfortably with right now is 35", but it does seem fast right now. I just love my 38" but sometimes they seem too big and because my arms are short like the rest of me I don't want wicks hitting me. I do have a 30" but it seems too small right now, too fast. I cannot say if performing would be in my future or not right now, this is more for personal enjoyment and the experience- so "looks" are not too important. I'm thinking for myself either 4 or 5 wicks so I have room to grab as I am learning.  Defiantly no more than 5, though I am leaning more to just 4.

Tedward, I read your post on tubing yesterday (good stuff!) I'll be using blk irrigation tubing I guess as my 1st hoop. I have an led hoop from hpde and was thrown off at 1st but the weight difference in tubing. I know I can get used to a smaller hoop with practice, just as when i stepped down from 44, then 40, then 38.

Wick length- this seems like a tough decision. I don't really do frilly clothes, lol, but I do have long hair, but plan on wrapping & covering that up before I lite (working on a head cover idea actually- combo welders cap & hair wrap dealeo) I was thinking shorter wicks so I have more room to do off body moves.If there's less burnable exposure, would the short be fine you think?

Quick wicks are tempting because of their versatility, but not the price. I'm concerned about durability. When you look at the it's just a adjustable clamp with a piece of cable attached to it. It might be spot welded, not sure cause I've never seen them up close (or any fire hoop for that matter). I just know that with a regular adjustable clamp, they can wear out & snap.

All these choices are what makes it so hard to decide!

I've had mine over a year now and I've clamped and unclamped them on many hoops without any issues. Just FYI.
That's good to know! But now puts them back on the tough decisions to make list, lol.
the smaller the better girlfriend. I bought an LED/FIRE combo and it is TOO HEAVY. its great for core hooping but not much else (SO FAR)  mine is either 37 or 38 and with the length of the wicks it hits the ground with weaves and under leg movements(and I'm 5'8") I would go hdpe or polypro because the wicks really add a lot of weight. right now my hubby is making me a pair from some light weight kmart hoops to see if they will be easier for me (now I get to learn twin moves)  Happy hooping!


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