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I have a 38 inch fire hoop that quick releases into minis, that i feel is too big of a diameter for my height (I'm roughly 5'2). My question is has anyone cut and downsized these kinds of hoops? It has 6 wicks and I'm worried that the spacing of the wicks will be greatly off if i cut it down, but I'm concerned with the cost of buying a new one. Any easy way to re-use the basically brand new wicks on a new hoop? I'm so lost, and help would be appreciated!

-Misty <3

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yes, cutting down the tubing will make the spacing off in two sections, the sections that connect together. Your best bet is to just buy a new hoop and sell your old/new fire hula hoop. The time/supplies to reuse your old wicks and the time/supplies to try to downsize your fire hoop would be about the cost of getting a new one of the right size. Maybe try contacting the person you bought it from and ask for a discount to buy another fire hoop. 

I would recommend getting a new hoop and selling this one as well.

If you knew how to properly/safely downsize your hoop, you'd know how to build your own. Since that's not the case I'd say leave it alone.

If you get a new hoop, I'd suggest getting quick wicks as they can move from one hoop to another, solving any future re-sizing/melting/breaking issues. You probably already have a hoop to put them on!

what?? quick releases into minis??? thats so sick. if it has 6 wicks and they are evenly spaced the only thing i can think of is that you cut an entire wick out, but then it wont function as minis anymore. can you sell it and buy yourself a smaller one?

Yes, unfortunately i will be buying another hoop this one is simply too big. I've tried to sell it, but i live in a small community that doesn't have many hoopers. Thanks for the input ladies, I may have tried to tear it apart. <3


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