I'm looking for fire hoops, preferable taped, under 150 bucks.

I've found a few sites but I wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions as to where to go :)

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what stores did you find?


Are you looking for a single hoop or mini's. Mini fire hoops are under $150 with shipping.

Right now I'm really thinking of buying from Sacred flame

I just want a single hoop

well I'd suggest doing a one time buy with just investing in quick wicks. Once you have your set of wicks you can just put them on any hoop you want. No worry of buying another fire hoop, same thing with minis. If you want to try fire minis just put your wicks on a pair and your good to go. 4-5 is about the same cost as 1 fire hoop but you don't really need more then 5 wicks for fire hoop. I personally only use 4, I find more than 5 just limits the tricks you can do.



I went ahead and bought a hoop from SF.

I don't have a hoop to put quick wicks on and ways.

ah a little late to the dis, but for all others check out Mercury Hoops
Well, naturally, I feel pretty good about these....

oooh....I like the idea of one with 3 wicks....want!

How do these wicks compare to wicks on other fire hoops? Burn time, flame size, etc..

if you're talking about the Quick Wicks, they use the same wicks as all of our other firehoops so the burn time, flame size etc. is the same



My apology, I was talking about the Bearclaw hoops!

My company Mercury hoops sells durable polypro fire hoops for 150 including shipping!!! check us out!!!! www.facebook.com/mercury.hoops  <3
check out spinsterz...i think they have new fire hoop out...polypro and comes with five removable wicks...similar to quick wicks....for under 150 dollars.


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