I'm looking for fire hoops, preferable taped, under 150 bucks.

I've found a few sites but I wanted to see if you guys had any suggestions as to where to go :)

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I have been doing the same search...I have looked at ALOT of different fire hoops on a ton of different sites...try sacred-flame.com they are of very high quality, flexible spines, taped if you want, and only $155 I think that's where I'm getting mine as soon as I have some more money :)
I just got my sacred flame hoop in the mail and its everything i was expecting and more. it was perfectly lightweight and balanced and the tape job is beautiful..i still have yet to light it up but i plan on doing that tonight! I definitely recommend slang :)

the new trick concepts fire hoops (the NEW ones) are lightweight and 150 with shipping (160 for polypro). i just got mine and i LOVE it. i keep the wicks off usually for both transport and storage, and screwing them in is SUPER easy (no tools, like with quick wicks) and truly stay in place. i can't recommend the design enough - it's WONDERFUL!! :D

The Synergy Firehoops start at $135 for HDPE tubing and $150 for polypro, which now come in 6 awesome colors, plus the ligtest, slickest removable-spine design.  The permanent-spine model is still available, and the removable-spine option is $20 extra, but the colored-tubing option is no extra cost.  Purple, Hot Pink, Neon Orange, Red, Antique Carolina Blue, and Natural (milky-white non-colored original).  When the removable spines are not attached, the hoop is so seamless that you'll dig it as a regular flow hoop.  www.SynergyFirehoops.com


I know you said you bought your hoop already but just in case others are looking too a hoopcity member named Olive Oyl makes fire hoops as low as $100! Heres a link to her site:



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