Hey guys:)

I've just been asked to perform at a juggling convention in Leicester in May.. and I was looking for some tips! (It's not confirmed yet, still in the works, but I think it's going ahead. Eek)

I perform fire/glow/hooping in clubs and that sort of thing but I have never done a specific stage show before. The crowd will be people who have all seen a lot of hooping and/or are hoopers themselves, and of all ages too.

I was wondering if anybody had any tips for music (I tend to hoop to quite mainstream stuff when I practise, although usually rock-based) and/or costumes and/or any tricks I could do/learn that they know particularly please audiences!

Thank you in advance!

Kat x

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I only have one thing to say.

enjoy :)




for something that big i'd definitely choreograph my dance. A way of going about choreographing a dance is to have a number of WOW moments/tricks and build your way up to them. Like lets say your song in 5 min.s long you could have 4-5 WOW tricks you could do every minute to keep them interested.  Another example would be if I were hooping to a 4 min. song and i wanted to do twin hooping for half of it. I could choreograph something for the first 1:30 of the song with 1 hoop and plan 30 seconds for me to transition into doubles, then finish the last 2:00 with doubles. (Hope that helps.)


Pick music your comfortable with hooping to and something you've hooped to plenty of times. It's always easier to choreograph to a song you know and love.You also want to spend lots of time practicing so you know your choreograph like the back of you hand, so when your on stage you will have confidence in your dance and you wont have the "what to do next" thoughts on stage. It could also help to ask in advance about the time limit or if they want to you to hoop for a certain amount of time, and if there is a theme, that will help you pick a song and decide what you want to do.


As for tricks and clothing don't worry about doing anything over the top, just do what feels right to you and have fun. 


sorry I say so too much :/

Mika is spot on with this one :-)
Is that Lestival? I want to go to that
Yes, it is. You should come! I've been going since it started (okay.. so that's only 3 years but still, yay:P) and it's a good convention - the venue is awesome and they usually have a little cafe bit open with various bits and pieces at really good prices. Last year I got half a mango for about 20p. Lol:)
Yeah, I have heard good things, I think some of my Manchester friends will probably be up for going.
Hopefully there will be a fair few hoopers there.. we seem to be growing in numbers:)
try to stay with comfortable moves and that will help you :) youll do great! Im excited for you!


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