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Hi Hoopers, this is off the topic of hooping, but something that I've found a lot of hoopers are especially concerned with. I realize that a lot of you probably already know a lot about the things I'm going to mention, but if not, just think about what I'm saying. This is somewhat targeted towards Americans, but realize that this affects EVERYONE in the world.

I'm not trying to shove anything down anyone's throat. I also apologize in advance if this somehow violates any rules of the site. I'm just putting some facts out there that need to be considered in our world today, considering our recent economic crisis and our environmental crisis. The world is in serious trouble. If you disagree, feel free to post your disagreement in a friendly way and I will respond in a friendly way. I will not respond to non-peaceful posts. Let's all be mature adults and have intelligent debates, not unreasonable arguments. 


When did you first realize there was seriously something wrong with the way the world works? I'm sure you've noticed all the pain and suffering that goes on, yet with all our technological advances and wealth, we do nothing to stop it. Do you want to fully understand why? 

  • The information we need is out there, but we've been so bombarded with distractions that we didn't even notice it.

    The first thing you should know is that The Federal Reserve is a privately owned, off-shore bank! NOT a government institution... If you don't believe me, look it up in the phone book. You will not find it under any government listings, you will find it in with the rest of the privately owned institutions.

    What does this mean? Corporations own the money, make the money AND print the money! NOT the government! 

    What are corporations main goal? Making the most money, NOT helping people. They make money out of nothing, and then force us to work for it! They've made so much money that now there's actually only a couple corporations which own practically everything. The food supply, the media and entertainment, the news we receive, the water...

    What happens when you take a loan out of a bank like that? They create money that never existed by punching a few imaginary numbers in your account on a screen, and then you get to pay it back FOR REAL, WITH INTEREST! Then they use your money to exploit the environment, exploit hard workers, exploit the world.

    What is the end result? 
    10% of the world's population, owns 90% of the wealth!
    That's why people are starving, dying, suffering, and working unrealistic and stressful schedules.

    Even if you are not from America or living in America, this affects your life. You may feel like you can do nothing, BUT YOU CAN! So, how can you stop it?

    1) Right now, send this message to your friends and families! Make knowledge into power, NOT money. One friend tells a friend, who tells a friend and so on.

    2) STOP FUNDING THOSE CORPORATIONS. Put your money into CREDIT UNIONS! This is very important!

    3) Get informed. Start seeing for yourself! 
    This fantastic video shows how our material greed is destroying our environment and placing ALL the money in the hands of the corporations:

    Watch the THRIVE 2011 documentary, and check out their website to learn more about what you can do to help:
    or download it for free at

    Another good documentary that explains how the recent economic crisis happened and what it all means:

    4) Watch what you spend your money on! Every dollar you spend sends a message. Stop the demand, stop the supply. Start buying locally, support independent media and mom and pop businesses. You can see which large companies act fairly and environmentally at:

    5) Last but not least, sign the petition to stop the Federal Reserve from controlling us any longer!! The Federal Reserve is the only financial institution that has never been audited! If they were, they would be in jail... This takes 1 minute and is very important.

    I took the time out to write you this message with my own hand. All you have to do now is care, and send this message along. In 40 years or less, all the oil in the world will be gone. Will we have said enough is enough by then? Or will we allow the human race to be destroyed for the sake of money?

    “It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.” - Henry Ford

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Well, I've always asked that groups like the 99% get an agenda.  *sigh*  Well, I guess I got my wish.  A lot of this stuff are things I could get behind it they weren't so flamboyantly narrow focused.

Take that first video... "We take natural resources and mix them with toxic chemicals..." Well, yes, sometimes, and sometimes we don't  Your average steak knife for example is steel, wood and maybe some (all natural) lacquer.  These components have been tested for centuries.  We KNOW what's going into them.  Granted there's a lot of weird stuff in many products, but just don't make it sound like they go into ALL products.

Absolutely, we need to start taking responsibility for what we spend our money on, no demand equals no supply.  Its not always easy but its so important.  Thanks for the interesting post.  

bump this thread! spread the info people, unless you want to live in a corporation-controlled fear society.

Thanks for posting these resources!  

It is a bit of a shock to realized the worlds that we live it on a daily basis is not the same as the general population...

Great post! Hope of success to Ron Paul and his bill. Another invaluable way to make a change is to self sustain. Check out what the Daveas family did to their home in a Suburb 15 minutes outside of L.A. Truly amazing.
I also suggest researching Earthship Biotectures. So many wonderful opportunities in those things.

I've noticed a significant change in how people behave... a lot of negativity and distrust. I think a lot of it comes from the fluff, slander, and outright lies that come pouring from the media port-o-john. There is so much information and availability out there, and yet companies can bend the meaning of phrases, wording, and quotes in advertising, news, etc. to pump out these profits and propaganda. 

It is so possible for humans to live peacefully together and in harmony with this entire planet, why does it have to happen like this? 

Obviously it's up to those who are aware, sigh...  Reuse everything, grow your own, buy local :)


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