gaffer tape--difference in grippyness from one supplier to the next?

ive been making hoops for about a year and a half using gaffer tape (PRO-GAFF) from
thinking that all gaffer tape would basically be the same, i recently ordered gaffer (Scapa 200N premium Fluorescent Gaffers tape) from and ive been hooping with a hoop wrapped with this new tape and it seems to have far less grip than the PRO-GAFF from

has anyone else experienced a difference in grip between any of the different tape suppliers? and if so, can someone please share what they think is the grippyest of gaffers?

thanks for any insight!!

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YES!  but even from the same supplier.  I have not found gaffer as grippy as it use to be from anyone.  They suddenly made it smoother!!!!!!    If you find grippy gaffer please let me know.

hey tara,

would you mind telling us who the supplier was?

after reading everyones responses, im thinkin' i may try again with the pro-gaff from goodbuyguys, unless thats where you ordered your 2 different batches from.


I personally have switched over to hockey tape, I buy it from I think gaffer is a step up from vinyl but hockey tape is way better, It made a big difference in my hooping. I find it easier to hoop in tights and slick pants.


As for making and selling hoops the price for hockey tape is way cheaper than gaffer.

I will politely disagree about hockey tape being better than gaffer.  I do agree that it has a lot more grip, but it doesn't hold up the way gaffer tape does.  Because hockey tape has a lot more grip, it sticks to everything and the edges lift on it very quickly.  This makes it look older, faster.   I wish that there was a tape inbetween... the stick of the hockey tape in the middle, but the edges of the gaffer.  Everyone wins!  =)
I am with Tara.  From the same supplier.   One time it was almost gooey and slippery and the next time it was dry and you had to yank on the tape to seperate it.
There are two grades of gaffer tape -- professional grade and standard. Professional grade is way better and worth the price difference. I prefer gaffer to hockey tape because I've found it in more and more vibrant colors but I haven't used hockey tape that much. If grip is your main concern, try friction tape. That stuff grips! Unfortunately, in hot weather it kinda melts and leaves black marks on your clothes. It can also abraid the skin a bit.

I've ordered gaffer's tape from goodbuyguys and identi-tape.  Both are of the same quality, and I love the variety of colors I can get it in. I've also used hockey tape, which is definitely more grippy than gaffer's, but I simply don't like it as much.  As Maisie said, I also feel like it is more prone to lifting from the hoop.


Anyways, it seems like Caroleena might have answered your question, replying about the two different grades of gaffers tape.

I'm a hockey tape girl myself. I haven't experienced the problems Maisie mentions with the edges fraying, except with white hockey tape (which I don't use anyway because it gets dirty wayyy too fast). I think maybe there are different qualities of hockey tape that might have an effect on the edge quality... but whatever I've been getting at Dick's Sporting Goods has been perfect for my use! I use both the black and the clear... the clear is almost kind of plasticy, but it has a good grip too, though not quite as good as the fabric-style hockey tapes it seems.


I also have one roll of gaffer from goodbuyguys and it's great! Not quite as grippy as the hockey, and wear-quality seems pretty comparable to me, but it's a breeze to tape hoops with! That said, I ordered that about 4 months ago, so if there's been a quality change in that product I wouldn't know about it.


Good luck! :)

MUCH THANKS everyone!

i may just try again with the PRO-GAFF, since it sounds like that (professional grade) may be what the difference is. (thanks caroleeena!)

im a little afraid, though, as i spent a bunch of $ on that last order of the Scapa, and dont want to have another bunch of useless slick gaff!

also, my thoughts on hockey-ive used that too and do like it, but mine does tend to fray on the edges so i use it with vinyl tape to cover the edges.

i like to use the gaffer for when i want minimal tape on a hoop. (leds, hdpe, pp)

im still open to any ideas though, so if anyone has found the ultimate in grippy gaffers, please do tell!!




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