Getting crafty with polypro! Just thought I'd share...

Howdy Doody Hoopers!


So it's not the best picture ever but you'll get the idea.


I've been playing around with making polypro hoops & last night I came up with a few ideas. I'm sure others have thought of it before, I just didnt see anything in the forum.

I just bought some washable neon (blacklight reactive), glitter, and shimmer paint from a craft store. Theyre about $3-4 a bottle but well worth it and much cheaper than taping an entire hoop in the long run.

Anyways all you need to do is pour a little bit of paint into the hoop before you connect it. Take it for a spin and watch the colors spread. Thats the best part IMO. You can always add more paint but I'd be careful not to add too much paint and weigh the hoop down considerably.

I'm also going to try and put glitter or metallic confetti inside the hoop which would also help keep it light while adding pizzazz.

I experimented with adding different colors at one time and they kind of just mixed together. It made a really cool green/blue color but I'd be careful of mixing primary colors and ending up with a poop hoop. I think maybe adding one color and letting it dry, then adding more colors in that process might work.


I'm still figuring things out myself. I just wanted you guys to have fun with it too!

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That is an excellent idea!  I've seen people do this with glass christmas ornaments, but I would have never thought of using it with a hoop.

I didnt either until I bought some polypro tubing. I would imagine it only works with polypro since its so translucent. Maybe white HDPE? Who knows.

this is so great! i'm inspired to get some polypro now! they look awesome.

I love them so much!!! I'm excited to try this with mine...if I can get the dang thing to un-coil!



I forget that we live together sometimes haha & that we're both on hoop city. Last night was fun!
I have a black light!

ahhhh, bring it over so we can test this out girll


what a great idea! I might just do that instead of ordering one of those neon pink hoops that in colored polypro, but the only thing i wonder is if the over time the paint will crack and fall off of the inside of the tubing like during hard breaks or accidentally not catching when you toss it. what kind of paint is this paint? Is it like acrylic paint?

I just bought washable paint from Michaels. The kind of paint you would buy for kids finger painting and stuff. I'm not sure of the brand. When I get home I can check it out & let you know.

I didnt even think of what would happen after its dry. Good thing youre here! I'll have to mess with them for a while and see what happens and get back to you.

It's Clean Colors by RICH ART. :]
this is sooo cool!! i love the idea.. but i dont even know what to make poly pros out of or i would be all over making them :)


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