Getting crafty with polypro! Just thought I'd share...

Howdy Doody Hoopers!


So it's not the best picture ever but you'll get the idea.


I've been playing around with making polypro hoops & last night I came up with a few ideas. I'm sure others have thought of it before, I just didnt see anything in the forum.

I just bought some washable neon (blacklight reactive), glitter, and shimmer paint from a craft store. Theyre about $3-4 a bottle but well worth it and much cheaper than taping an entire hoop in the long run.

Anyways all you need to do is pour a little bit of paint into the hoop before you connect it. Take it for a spin and watch the colors spread. Thats the best part IMO. You can always add more paint but I'd be careful not to add too much paint and weigh the hoop down considerably.

I'm also going to try and put glitter or metallic confetti inside the hoop which would also help keep it light while adding pizzazz.

I experimented with adding different colors at one time and they kind of just mixed together. It made a really cool green/blue color but I'd be careful of mixing primary colors and ending up with a poop hoop. I think maybe adding one color and letting it dry, then adding more colors in that process might work.


I'm still figuring things out myself. I just wanted you guys to have fun with it too!

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What brand of glitter paint? I'm looking up Krylon glitter blast paint - and Krylon also has glow in the dark paint. Ooooh.

I just tried the Krylon glitter paint and it was terrible. Very badly designed dispenser that wouldn't stop spraying and didn't spread through the hoop well. I wasted two cans on one hoop and it wasn't cheap either. The first time I used some pink glitter paint from Michael's that worked much better. It was a bit more matte like and not quite as glittery. Came in a smaller can. I can't remember the brand though. 

Yeah I bought my paint from Michaels too. I know one brand is Rich Art but I'm not sure if that was the glitter kind or the neon kind. I've since moved and I'm not even sure if I have the paint anymore but I'll check when I get home later.

Where do you recommend buying the tubing, ive looked around fro prices and just cant decide.. im torn between buying the tubing or just purchasing a polypro hoop instead

Make them! It's a lot of fun and self gratifying. :]

I said this earlier in the comments but take a look:

I use US Plastic corp and they have the cheapest polypropylene tubing I've seen. They only sell it in 100 ft rolls but it's still cheaper that way. The catch is you have to uncoil the entire roll before you make hoops because its bound up super tight. Another thing is that I had a problem finding connectors that fit so I just used a piece of tubing as the connector. 5/8OD fits into 3/4OD, 1/2OD into 5/8OD etc. That alone isnt a permanent connection so it allows you to coil down the hoop. You may want to use rivets if you want a secure connection.


I know a lot of others said they buy theirs from McMaster Carr because they sell it by the foot and there isnt a minimum. They are more than double the price of USP though. Bulk is the way to go. You can always make hoops for your friends or have a hoop making party with all the extra tubing. Have fun!

Awesome idea!!

The only thing that is getting me is having to buy 100ft of the connectors.connector is only like 3 inches. so I will have so much connector tubing. I can use this tube to try to make my own LED hoop as well right?

Hmm well I'm making 3/4 and 5/8 hoops so it worked out in my favor. I just had to go to Home Depot and buy a small roll of pex tubing (type of polyethylene tubing found in the plumbing dept) as the connector for the 5/8 tubing. You might be able to do that for whatever size hoops you wanted to make.

I know LED hoops can be made with polypro but I havent made one myself.

this is awesome!! and you have inspired me to create my own!! but..I have some questions...

whats the type of tubing ..I know its a poly..but what psi or the width of the tube?

also where did you find it?

and how much did it cost you?

I would love to know these answers so I can make my own hoop :D Ive been wanting a polypro hoop forever but times are rough and I def dont have the money to get one offline.

I'm not sure what the psi of polypro is. PSI is just a unit of measurement that stands for pounds per square inch. I used natural color polypropylene tubing in 5/8 OD x .062 wall and also 3/4 OD x .075 wall from USPlastics.

A few comments above I explained where to purchase the tubing. There are a few different places to order the tubing and prices vary depending on quantity and which company you choose. Check out USP, McMaster Car, & Hoopsupplies.

have you tried glow in the dark paint to make it a glow hoop? & how much has the paint weighed down the poly pro? I've got 3 and i would be interested in trying this but i love the light weight and would be really disappointed if the paint changed the weight much. 

Glow in the dark paint didn't even cross my mind! What a great idea! I don't think that the paint weighted it down or affected the responsiveness all that much. But I still need to add more paint to it. Ill let ya know after its done!

One thing I have learned from this is: When you lay the hoop down to dry, flip it around every so often this prevents all the paint from gathering on one side of the hoop... and could cause affect weight distribution.

If you come up with any more ideas or questions let me know. I'm having fun learning!


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