Hey I was wondering if any one has any information on these string of giant beads hula hoop type thing-a-ma-jigs. I've seen some pictures and short videos of them and am super curious! What are they called? Where do I get one? Could I make my own? They look like so much fun :)

Here's a short clip of someone waist hooping with one


Hope someone can help me out!

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That's awesome!

Aw crap, does this mean I'll have to invent another fire tool?  :oP

It reminds me of a mala or nenju, the rosary of beads buddhists use while chanting mantras. They are usually worn on the wrist or around the neck and consist of 26, 54 or 108 beads.

There is a temple in Japan that has a loop of large beads on a pulley and gently rotating the beads through their full cycle is equivalent to chanting all the mantras 1,000 times. I would not be surprised if this photo (and the video) are showing a similar religious shortcut.

We knew hooping was meditative.. :-)

you know I had a dream where my hoop turned into something like this, at the time I was pretty disturbed because I couldn't do any tricks but that looks like fun :D

Think of how easy it would be to transport..

The balls look to be solid wood and about 1"-2" in diameter, it couldn't be to hard to make- has anyone tried?

I think they are larger than 2", more like the sise of a small apple or tangerine. 4"? 

What about using tennis balls? It would keep the cost down for your first try. You could drill the holes yourself. The version pictured is strung on rope and knotted between the beads. It is a very long loop folded over - see how it crosses itself at the front of the frame?

Look about 1.5" to me.  And yes, I have everything here to make one.  shouldn't be too hard.

Do want!

i found this article on the gentleman in the picture.


His name is Oh Ow Kee and he makes them and sells them himself.  He calls it a "woodball Woola chain".  

also, apparently he is represented by The Presenting Company in Singapore.  


Just made one of these.  it's kinda cool.  I'll test it with a few hoopers this Wednesday.


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