An aspiring GoGo dancer here who feels kind of bored with hooping. Before I ever hooped, I used to dance, a lot. I picked up hooping because I thought it would make me more likeable or interesting. Now I just feel like I get so bored of it. When I have the hoop in my hands, I can't express myself the way I used to. Sometimes I just cannot even have the hoop around me because it takes away from my natural dancing. I am really like, rhythmic and the hoop kind of slows me down. It is such a graceful dance. I am working as GoGo dancer tomorrow. It is going to be so fun. I am debating leaving my hoops in the van because I dance so much better without it. Although hooping looks neat. Everyone asks me if my hoops light up (they don't) so I don't want to even bother with them until the audience can be happy with what I have. I'm thinking I should just dance and not worry about the hoops until I get LED. Anyone else get bored with hoop? I am ADD.

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There is no reason you have to hoop. If you are board of it just don't do it. If you force your self to do something for outside reasons like seaming interesting or different you will never enjoy it. 

You might even find if you take a break from it you will pick them up again one day because you feel like it, then it will be more fun.

I'd say bring your hoop just so you can add a little variety. You don't have to dance with it the whole time.

It is frustrating when you want to dance a certain way in the hoop and your body just can't keep up yet.

Do what your heart wants! You say that you started hooping to make you more likeable and interesting, but it seems like GoGo dancing is your real passion.  You don't need a hoop to get people to notice you and like you, your passion for dancing with do that all on it's own.  As to bring the hoops or not, I would bring them then if the mood hits you have them if you want. 

Ya save your energy trying to get people to like you....fowhatever reason.
Love yourself- rock it out with your go-go dancin', add a lil flare with the hoop for a different mood. Perhaps use a smaller shiney gold ppro so it is lite , reflects lite-looks stunning & practise going more withing & create some of your own hoop-dance techniques !!!
  ~ Happy hoopin go go ~  <3

lol.. TRUE!!!

Hoop because it looks fun or because you fell in love with it! That's what happened to me! I had no intention of hooping but a friend gave me one for my birthday and I fell in love with hooping!!! Not because I wanted to look cool or interesting. In fact, it took me a whole year before I would even hoop in front of people.

I think it's rude to tell someone to stop doing something they turned out to be good at. That wasn't the sole reason I picked one up. But it does make people more interesting when they have more talents, right? Who doesn't want to be more interesting? 

I love making hoops and hooping is something that makes me happy but on the other hand I can get burned out from it, like any other sport.

Thanks ladies.

"I picked up hooping because I thought it would make me more likeable or interesting. Now I just feel like I get so bored of it."

Maybe because you found that it doesn't always make you more likeable or interesting, only to some. To most, it just makes you good at hooping, which is no more or less special than being good at math or being good with words.

I think it would behoove you to realize that, in truth, you are no more special, interesting, talented, or beautiful than anyone else in existence, and I don't mean that in a derogatory way. Anyone can gain any skills in any area they want if they devote the time and energy. Therefore, trying to be the most interesting girl around will always be a never-ending chase. Everyone is skilled at something. No one is skilled at everything. It seems you don't realize that what makes a person really interesting is being able to notice and appreciate the result of the efforts they've put into something they truly love for all of the right reasons. If you only practice hooping to prepare for when people are going to be watching, people will be able to tell. It also may not occur to you, for instance, to challenge yourself in ways that may not be visually appealing or serve much performance purpose, but that will help you connect with, understand, and unveil the secrets of the circle. I think you could benefit from some self exploration. The ego is something we all do and will struggle with, but set the ego aside and do some soul-searching. Who are you when no one is watching? If you were in a world all by yourself and no one was around to care about what you're doing, what do you think you'd become passionate about? Put yourself somewhere comfortable where you know you won't be disturbed and really visualize this. I don't want to my comment to come across negative, but I honestly believe you could benefit from this practice. I know I do, as I'm sure anyone else who tried this would. I hope for more and more light in your future :)

you said it

Beautiful words from Autumn Rose. If you follow advice, this looks like the best :)

Well I know who I am, coming from a person whose lived alone not just in college but in my adult life. I know myself better than anyone, know what I want, what I don't, what I like, and what I need. All of life is soul searching. I am constantly in a world by myself and the only person that I truly try to please is myself, which is why I have problems with people who assume things about me they don't know. I don't have an ego issue either, if anything I require less of the attention from others than most people because I simply don't care what they think. But I do know that having skills connects you with others, and in a life where all of us get lonely sometimes, it doesn't hurt to learn something that makes people feel they can relate to you in some way. 

I think it can only allow you to reach a limited amount of being able to relate to another person based on a skill. There are a lot of people who hoop that I totally can't relate to. Same goes for people who sew, dance, or whatever other hobbies I may share with others. Interest is held while doing a skill with talent, but after that if you can't can't relate.

What's up with all the disconnects from post to post? You're contradicting yourself and gradually changing your views as you see fit.

See, you claim you don't care what people think, yet you said your reason for picking up the hoop was to make you more likeable and interesting, which is in and of itself a direct attempt to influence the way others think about you. You wouldn't spend the energy doing that if you didn't care what they thought, it's just contradictory. I'm not assuming anything about you. Everyone has an ego issue, whether it's too much or not enough. Some may have more of a struggle with ego than others, but claiming that you don't at all is like claiming that you're somehow more than human. It's part of the learning process for each and every one of us, and when you say that it isn't for you, well, people just know that isn't true. And you're right, all life is soul searching, but we all constantly need to connect deeply to ourselves as well as others throughout our lives. We all need to regularly ask ourselves things like who we would be if it were just us and Mother Nature. That's not something we grow out of when we live by ourselves, nor should it be. I'm not trying to attack you here, I promise. Just think about doing what I suggested, or try another more personal method of meditation. That can never hurt and can only help. :) You just might find whatever inspiration you're looking for.


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