Has anyone tried the pele fire wicks from The Spinsterz? Any reviews would be helpful.

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Haven't tried them, I am considering ordering them as well but cant find reviews on them anywhere. The only concern i have with them is that they only offer the 5' spines. Hmmm.

Would you like a longer length? We will custom make whatever length you want free of charge.

I just ordered 6, rush delivery. My fire hoop broke and I don't know if it'll be replaced in time for Kinetic, so I ordered these just in case. I'll let you know how they are. I fully intend to use them on many different hoops, including LED and Minis. I'll let you know what I think! Besides them being cheaper, the fact that they fit different hoop tubing diameters was a huge draw. I like 5/8's and 3/4's depending on what I'm doing.

I also just ordered the 5 pele set, these must be a newer product for them because I couldn't find a review anywhere. Once I test em out I'll let ya know what I thought. Brandon- I think the 5 inch spines will be perfect!

Just tested my pele wicks for the first time, I've gotta say I'm impressed! They are VERY light weight, less expensive then the Fire Drum's wick. As Jules said, they fit different size tubing, you can put them on a poly or regular, Led, doubles, isolation hoops and fire fan style, use them for poi....slap em' on a helmet for performances. (i think i could keep going hehe). Anyways, I'm in love with them!

Thanks for the reviews, I'm thinking about ordering some very soon!

I LOVE my Pele wicks!!!!!! They work amazing! I highly recommend them.

They are great, I know the guy who makes them, amazing stuff, I love them on my polypro. 

Quick Wicks Rock!!!!!! :-)

I ordered mine within days of them being released... probably two months ago now?? Not really sure.  I've done probably 20 burns or so with them.  They are great!  Big flame, kinda intimidating at first, but the metal stays nice and cool.  Would def recommend them.  They are my first and only experience with fire hoops though.

My friend Lee makes them, and I guess I was a prototype tester for him. I think my living in Hawaii inadvertently inspired naming them after Pele, the Hawaiian fire goddess. He also makes other fire toys as well. You can check him out on fb, his page is called Fire Bug.

I will say that if you have had quick wicks before these are a bit different because the spine isn't as flexible as quick wicks. and obviously as stated previous, the wick wrap is different. I like it because it holds more fuel and has a nice big flame.

I guess I'm flattered that the quick wick has been copied.  It was too expensive to get a patent on my invention and although I didn't intent on the design being "open source," I'm fine with abiding by the nature of our society.  

I don't think that the pele wick is an improvement on the quick wick.  When deciding which style wick-wrap to use (years ago), I chose the sushi-roll style because it allows the wick to be easily re-wrapped if that time comes.  This style wrap also holds ample fuel as long as they are thoroughly soaked (and of course fuel type can dramatically change conditions).  I also choose from a variety of cables for the spine and decided on the one that the quick wicks (& all our firehoops) use because it offers the right balance of rigidity and flexibility.  If the spine is too rigid, it won't provide enough shock-absorption causing the impact to damage other parts like the clamps, the weld, etc.

The most important thing to note is that hose clamps are *not* one-size fits all.  If a clamp made for thick tubing is tightened down onto smaller tubing, there will be excess belt from the clamp sticking out and this can get in the way, scratch or even cut the firehooper.  I know that some folks buy quick wicks made for thicker tubings, clamp them onto thinner tubings and just tape-down the excess belt sticking out.  This is still safe & fine, it just involves tape which is an extra step if you aren't planning on keeping the wicks on the hoop all the time (makes it more of a process to take on and off).  QWs come in wide variety of clamp sizes, spine lengths & wick sizes so you can dial in exactly what you want.

Anyway, I'm sure Lee is a nice guy ...we'll probably meet someday through the hoop community and have fun geeking out about fire-prop designs.  Until then, continue to check into SynergyFirehoops.com as we're constantly innovating & improving everything (and I do mean constantly).   I work closely with my wife Jewels and the rest of the local hooping community here in Carrboro, as well as my partners Shakti Sunfire & Rainbow"Tang" Michael, listening to all the input & feedback about designs & needs to bring you simply the best gear.  We're supported by an amazing line-up of artists(hoopers) who work closely with us as well.  Check them out here:


these folks only use our gear because they trust the experience, craftsmanship, safety and commitment to the hooping community.  If you have feedback, insights, questions or any comments about our gear, holler at me or any of us.  We sincerely love the connection.  

gratitude & respect


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