Hello friends, I have been asked to do a hoop demo at a hospital event. It will be my first in public and not as an instructor in a controlled setting. SO, though I am pretty confident I am also nervous and wonder if anyone has ever hit an innocent bystander during a routine....??  How was it handled.. apologies I'm sure but what else can I expect? thanks for your feedback.. peace Donna

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It happens some times you need to deal with it case by case really.

But if you make sure you have adequate space roped off as a stage and only do reliable tricks you should be fine.

Also if you are thinking about doing this kind of thing more often performers insurance is also a must, It covers you if you do hit some one badly. 

Thanks Jane and Steff, I'm sure I'm being a bit paranoid, but it's best to go prepared as well. I have never heard of performers insurance. What a cool thing and good to know if it ever comes to that. As for the kid almost getting hit, I bet it was scary but at least he was not hurt.. .. and for me, looking on the bright side, hey! at least we are already IN the hospital!  LOl.. :) Donna

Oh absolutely Steff. When I first read your post I remembered seeing a You Tube video of a little boy who wandered away from his mom right into the path of a  street dancer. The boy got kicked really hard and flew back. I know accidents can happen but is seems less of an accident if the parent  is oblivious to what their kids are doing, especially in a situation like that.  Neither the child nor the dancer / hooper is to blame. 

Yeah I gave myself a fat tip earlier this week and have been limping for 2 days due to some kind of tendonitis from learning foot passes... It's like any sport, sometimes you have to push it to learn the limits and it can hurt..  :-) Peace, Donna

LOL ....DUDE, I'm 56 .. I take for ever to heal.  Some days I am so stiff when I get up  from the prior day's sesh, I'm always afraid I won't be able to hoop. But I do and I get limbered up pretty quick.... for now anyway. I like your idea about an injures thread. I'll try and get  one by the end of next week unless you can do it sooner. Would like to check for prior discussions first though.

For me my injuries are pretty far and few between, bruises aside. But when I do hurt myself, it usually requires tears, swearing, and a few days finding new places/ways to hoop... Peace Donna

I'll see if I can find the one video I made for my birthday 18 months ago when I turned 55.. I have one in the can now.. I should get to editing it but want to make some minis today.. :)

Yes, I admit to hitting innocent bystanders in performances but only in places where there was no stage and the organisers didn't control the crowd well. I've lost control of hoops that rolled, bounced or flew into the audience but usually they give them right back without too much fuss and nobody's been hurt, only startled.

It's more difficult if there are kids and no stage (like in a party or school situation) as kids want to get up waaaay close. It's especially dangerous when they are running up mid-act when my awareness is at a different level. I hit a little girl when I tossed a hoop high and she tried to catch it - so I guess she hit herself, but still, it was my fault. I continued the routine with a nod and wink at her to make sure she was OK and I talked to her afterwards. But I won't be executing any more tosses at parties, that's for sure.

Thanks for sharing that Tink. I would be in a similar situation in a hospital dining room with no stage. I am sure I will work it out when the time comes.  It can be a scary thing to consider though. Peace, Donna


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