WE all get those lovely bruises of course, But I am curious...I did my first hoop performance...the day after I woke up with a really hurt neck I could barely turn my head from side to side.  Luckily I work for a chiro,  few adjustments and boom I feel better.   Few weeks later I learn the continuous shoulder roll....and now almost a week later my neck is killing me!!! I may have a swollen disc, don't know for sure.  and this is making it hard for me to work because I am a massage therapist and some movements send horrible pain up and down my neck.  So has anyone ever hurt themselves from shoulder hooping???? or am I the only lucky one?


Mystikspinz in pain =(

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ice, lady, ice!!  I'm an LMT too, I know the feeling. 


I have, barely works....I am just worried that I won't be able to do shoulder hooping anymore...I am really frustrated, and it seems like my boss is irriated that I coudlnt' work or that I am in pain...and I've felt worse ever since he adjusted me. he says it maybe a swollen disc =/
I haven't hurt my shoulders but I did pull a muscle in my butt one time while doing a step through.
I've never hurt my neck but I used to get an RSI type thing in my arm where it would hurt to twist it.
oooo ouch, does that still happen to you??

Hang in there. Honor your condition. Don't do what doesn't feel right.


I severely herniated a lumbar disc.  Don't know what you call the move. I was doing an isolation and kind of peek inside the hoop and then turn around the world with it.


I spent 5 weeks very immobile and in excruciating pain and about 12 weeks total before I was able to slowly build up to normal activity.


Our bodies have amazing healing properties.  I'm able to hoop pretty much how I used to.  But you have to do it in the bodies time frame, which is most likely much slower than the minds.

I like this reply Satyam. :)

  I think you hit the nail right on the head. There are a lot of us moving at a faster pace than what the body can keep up with when we start out. You wouldn't expect to begin running and do a marathon in 4 weeks! Doing repetitive hoop motions without strength building is asking the same thing of our bodies. Take your time and build up your strength. Don't rush things. In the long run, your moves will look cleaner and your body will thank you.
I have pulled many muscles, given myself a black eye, semi-sprained my wrist, and, most recently, dislocated my kneecap. Like any athletic activity you will sustain injuries, the key is to practice proper posture and form to prevent future injuries, more serious in nature.
luckily i haven't yet but a friend of mine always seems to have bandaged up knees that ices a few times a day, i think she is hooping on the knee caps...ouch! She is also prone to bruising on her hands, she is a tiny little thing though, but it makes me wonder if she might be a little anemic since she bruises so easily. Poor girl
I have definitely pulled neck muscles doing shoulder duck outs and pulled other muscles just by hooping too vigorously. I've learned to take it easy practicing new tricks, and ones that really stretch your body. I also try to warm up and stretch a bit before and after a hoop session. I go pretty hard and throw my body around, so I'm usually really sore after a long practice session.

It's hard to remember to be kind and gentle to yourself when you're having so much fun, but it's important. (So hard though). Hope you feel better soon!
yeah, I've hurt my self quiet a few times. Tore a tendon in the knee and overworked the muscle at the same time in one spot... didn't realize it until about a month later when I got some xrays done. I also have dislocated part of my spinal cord in the neck area from doing shoulder hooping... Went to the chiropractor... she just laughed at me :p. But thankfully I've been injury free for now...

Oh yikes :(


I've had a few bloody noses, bruises, an almost-black eye, and a back so sore I could hardly walk the day after learning vertical chest hooping. Nothing so serious.


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