WE all get those lovely bruises of course, But I am curious...I did my first hoop performance...the day after I woke up with a really hurt neck I could barely turn my head from side to side.  Luckily I work for a chiro,  few adjustments and boom I feel better.   Few weeks later I learn the continuous shoulder roll....and now almost a week later my neck is killing me!!! I may have a swollen disc, don't know for sure.  and this is making it hard for me to work because I am a massage therapist and some movements send horrible pain up and down my neck.  So has anyone ever hurt themselves from shoulder hooping???? or am I the only lucky one?


Mystikspinz in pain =(

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i fractured my nose a few weeks ago while hooping on a hill in the wind! haha.
I recently had to take 3 days off of work because of a pinched nerve in my shoulder. I can't say its entirely from hooping because I have a very physically demanding job, but rather than rest when it was sore, I was stubborn and hooped. A lot. Without stretching. I do a lot of poi hooping, and I am realizing that I need to A) stretch and b) strength train.

I was hooping and jumped through my hoop and landed on my ankle. I'm walking with a cane for a short time though :( However I am still hooping I just cant spin to the left for now or jump .

eee OUCH!!! how long has the injury lingered?
I'm an LMT too, yay! 
I've never hurt my neck shoulder hooping, but when I first started using those shoulder hooping muscles my rhomboids and traps were totally screwed for a couple weeks. Not counting how screwed they are normally :) Plus when I started hooping I had a subluxated rib that caused severe ulnar pain and spasms in serratus and teres major and minor. between how much I hoop and doing 6 massages a day 5 days a week, I get a massage at the very least once a month and go to the chiro every 2 weeks to keep everything where it belongs.
Get a massage lady! bones aren't the only thing that can pinch a nerve. lay off the hoops for a while, and when you feel better, start slow. if its an injury i'd recommend rest and ice over strengthening work.
LMT's Rock ;-) but God that sounds painful I'm glad you are better! I am much better now and back to practicing that trick that injured me in teh first place I am just not practicing for the amount of time I did when I first hurt my neck with it lol.

My first "sports-related injury" (the NP's term for it) was a torn calf muscle during a hoop session.  I wasn't even hooping at the time, just dancing across the room to pick up a flyaway hoop.  However, I'd already been hooping for over an hour, and my leg apparently had had enough for the day. 


It took 5 weeks for the muscle to heal enough for me to get back in the hoop, but it's fine now.  More recently, I hurt a foot doing a jumpthrough, but it's about healed.

Busted lips. I've knocked the crap out my kids a few times when u get into it and oops! Right in their face. 
oh my god that is kinda funny i'm sorry,  one time my boyfriend got to close to me to try and kiss me and the hoop hit him right in his balls, he leaned forward in pain and the hoop came around and smacked him in the face it was sooo epic I wish i had it video taped!!!
I think I have a repetative strain injury (RSI) in my wrists & forearms from hooping! Has anyone ever gotten tx for this? I'm seeing my doctor today if I can. Do I HAVE to stop hooping for a while? Stretches? Ice or heat? Ibuprophen? Advice, please!
hhmm I've actually haven't heard of that!  have you tried any stretching on a daily basis for it??? turn your arm so your palms are facing up than take the opposite hadn and pull your fingers down you should feel a stretch in you forearm....hold for 30 sec x3  do that every day.... that should help =)

Thanks - I'll try that!

I couldn't get an appointment with my doctor, and now I'm leaving for a trip (to NC and I will drop in to Baxter's local class in Carborro!) Anyone else hear of forearm RSI and gotten tx for it? 


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