This hoop is seriously captivating to watch.  Check out this video that Proton Labs put up today:

I want this so badly! It is mesmerizing, and I never would have imagined an LED hoop could have these insane patterns. Definitely saving up for this! What are your thoughts hoopers?? :) 

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It's a pretty awesome hoop! I actually got the chance to play with this hoop before it was on sale. It was a prototype and it was seriously amazing! I can't wait to get mine! :-)

Agreed! I'm scrounging up any money I have to get this PRONTO!! I need this and I need this NOW! LOL. This hoop is absolutely mind-blowing! I was saving up for a Hoop Daddy and then I saw they weren't taking any more orders at the moment. Then I thought about the Atomic Pro (with the expansion pack), but I wanted to research which was better, because if Hoop Daddy was better, I was going to wait for that to be available again (no sense in buying an expensive hoop that you'll only use short-term). But then I found this post comparing the two and saw a comment from Proton Labs and now I am extemely obsessed with this hoop! It's a good thing I didn't buy the Hoop Daddy or the Atomic Pro! This is DEFINITELY the hoop for me! :)


(I just wonder if it's collapsible or not!)

I just wanted to poke my head in here and say thanks to everyone.  I'm so excited that everyone loves the Helix as much as I do!

The Helix is indeed collapsible with a "snap button" style connector.  Unfortunately Rheannon only got to play with a prototype originally made last fall missing some of the final production quality features.  I'm glad you still loved it though!  If you had any more feedback about it though, Rheannon, send me a message.  I'd love to hear it and I look forward to meeting you in person soon!

If anyone has any more questions about it I'll be trying to check back here as much as possible or feel free to get in touch directly through the site.  I respond as quickly as possible to emails sent there or via Facebook.

Thanks again -- let's make this festival season even more colorful than the last!

I can't wait to meet you! I will be at Interfuse this year so hopefully you go and you'll get to see me enjoying it to the max!

Seesee you at interfuse!!

I'll be looking forward to meeting you girl! <3

Yay!  I have to make sure all of the orders are fulfilled first, but I should be able to some Helix hoops for others to play with too.  You guys can all have a giant hoop party at InterFuse! two just get to take yours back home with you!  :)

yaayy!! :-)

jizzed my pants. hypothetically. but still... OH WOW.

Soooo pretty. A girl can dream. And start saving her pennies ;)
This hoop isn't even right. mind blowing!

Thanks for posting this!!! I just ordered one! Cannot even waitt=]]


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