The tubing for one of my mini’s bent in 4 spots yesterday while i was trying to connect it, one of the 4 spots was at the connector, the insert coupler snapped almost in 2 and is currently still partially attached. I contacted the company and it will be about $50.00 to get the tubing replaced plus shipping both ways to the company that made it. But a friend of mine has the same tubing I use. Is there a way to replace the tubing without damaging the LED strand inside? If so it would save me the $35.00 worth of shipping my hoop back and fourth.

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You can definitely do it if your feeling handy. You have to be very careful as your pull it apart to make sure you can put it back together the exact same way. Are you going to replace all the tubing or just the connector?

I have to replace half of the tubing (because it is beyond heating it up and smoothing it out (totally collapsed into itself) and i also need a new coupler. I made a temporary fix on the coupler so i can still use it as one hoop, but it will never turn into mini's again with the current tubing.



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