i can do most things by watching other people but i cant get the leg to wait hooping down any tips?? Also chest hooping is an ok thing for me, I'm trying to get better and need help with barrel rolls.

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The knee to waist was the hardest for me... I'm still not awesome at it... But one thing it to turn your body as you do it.... I was always trying to stand still but turning with the hoop helps bunches.... Also go faster the faster the hoop spins the easier it is... Barrel rolls are much easier once your chest hooping is solid...I think it's something you have to feel out... There's a certain spot in your back that's perfect... If the hoop hits higher it ends up on the neck and to low it falls down... But after saying that I have a curve in my back.... But I think it's probably like that for all Hoopers .... There's a sweet spot... Once you find it... Your body will remember and you won't even have to think about it... Also I spin left so as my shoulder is at 10 o'clock I push the hoop with it to keep momentum up.... That's all I got... You can do it!

 chest hooping barrel rolls were easier for me to get than the waist hooping barrel roll.

vertical chest hooping is really about bending your knees as you hoop. you wanna tilt your body forward a little so your axis becomes more diagonal. be careful not to exaggerate the motion with your shoulders as this will send the hoop flying off.

once you have that, you can proceed to barrel roll. depending on the direction you hoop, you will grab the hoop with that shoulder and start to rotate in that direction (i hoop to the right, so it would be my right shoulder). once you get at 180 degrees, just grab it with your shoulder again and turn to complete the spin. i recommend just going from a downward angle to an upward angle and vice versa to practice. don't worry if you can't barrel roll quickly at first, it comes with time. this move will make you DIZZY!

arsyn has a good tutorial:


so does groovinmegzz:


I agree with Moon Momma about bringing the hoop up from knees to waist. The faster you spin while trying to raise it, the more likely that it will do what you want it to. That's also the only way I can bring the hoop up from waist to chest without using my arms. In regards to barrell rolls, when I was learning how to do them I was very frustrated. My friend that I hoop with made them look so easy and offered little explanation as to how to do them and tutorials just didn't seem to make sense. Then I watched this one:
The way she explains what to do with your shoulders just made everything about the move make perfect sense.
I love chemgal tutorials, she makes two separate tutorials for most moves (not this one), one  for left current and one for right current.
Hope this helps!!

I really recommend Safire's classes for the knee to waist "chi'ing" it up.  I never had much difficulty WORKING it (albeit ungracefully) back up while turning, except for that it's pretty cardiovascularly challenging, you really have to work it.  It takes time, it's not the kind of thing you can learn in one session.  But since taking the class (I believe this is covered in Budding 1 or 2) I can now "chi" it up a lot easier and I don't have to turn anymore.  It looks really cool.  The main thing the tutorial taught me was to break the motions down - practice getting it from your knees to mid-thigh, and from your mid-thigh/hip area back up to your waist, because they are kind of different motions.  

Barell rolls take time as well.  You have to master vertical chest hooping both skyward and earthward before you can hope to combine them into a barell roll.  For me it took about two months of practicing every day. Good luck, it is such an amazing feeling when you conquer these challenges.  

Thank Caroline!  I'm super proud of that tutorial, much better than my old one from YouTube!


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