I'm thinking of wrapping a hoop with a few different colors of yarn or recycled silk and hemp. I've never made one like this before, should I use a hot glue gun or something? Any idea how I should go about this?

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I made a hemp wrapped hoop once by using the square knot (Spiral knot would work too) and acted like the hoop was my center strings. It took FOREVER but it looked awesome! Hooping with it, on the other hand, was aweful! I got really bad "rug burn" cause my shirt kept creeping up. I assume yarn would have a similar effect but not as rough. I never thought of using recycled silk cause it's a little too pricey for me. Maybe using a combination of all of them would take away some of the friction?

That's actually how I picked out my name. I was going to sell hemp wrapped hoops until I realized that they really are not ideal.

Rug burn, you say? OUCH! I was wondering if something like that would happen... Maybe I'll figure out another kind of material to use.

I hear that hot glue guns cause a lot of bubbles and are not the best for this use. My friend was telling me about a kind of sticky roller tape. kind of the same idea as roll on white-out but it's glue. Might be something to look into. Good luck.

I get dry spots on my hands from the friction where the yarn runs through when I'm crocheting, so I can just imagine how bad the friction would be with hooping.  Gaff tape (which is cloth based) does the same thing if I hand hoop too much, so any kind of cloth or fiber is going to cause dryness or "rug burns" if it rubs on bare skin too many times.  I stick with mostly vinyl tape (or metallic covered in clear vinyl); if I use gaff at all, I just use one or two spirals of 1/2" gaff (aka spike tape) for grippiness, and I make sure to wrap them in the same direction if I use more than one to reduce friction. It would be cool to wrap a hoop in other stuff, but if friction is going to be an issue, you're probably better off not doing it.


Just watched this last night.... if you wrap it tight enough, you don't need adhesive.


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