Hey do you think I'm going to have trouble with this size of hoop?

I've been hooping for a year now, the hoop I'm using right now is 35" and 3/4" thick but I was thinking I want something lighter that I can break with!! SO I've got a 33" and 1/2" thick coming, but now I'm wondering if I'm going to have a lot of trouble with it.  I'm 5'10" so pretty tall, need more space than other people.. I really admire the style of hooping of this guy: 


thats why I was thinking such a light hoop, something that I could really throw around!!  I can still change the size if I want, thats why I'm asking haha :) thanks hoopers!!

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I've only been hooping for about a year as well..but with my own personal experience it seems that the more you practice with smaller hoops, the better you and your flow become.  I think you would have a little trouble at first, but I'm sure you'll be playing with it enough to re-learn how your body moves with the hoop. What kind of tubing are you using? Polypro? I've been using a 35" polypro and I'm really enjoying how the  breaks and reversals feel.  

I'm not sure what the tubing is but I doubt its polypro, I live in Canada and I really haven't seen too many polypro hoops around.  I'm sure she would've advertised it if thats what she was using!

Hey! I think you will grow to love it! I started of with a 34ID and just recently jumped to a 29ID and I am sooo happy I did! I am 5'10 and around 180...I'm a big fan of off the body tricks and I find it Way more easy to do them with a smaller hoop. I almost wish I would have went 28ID but I wasn't that brave yet. Lol. I am about to make my own first fire hoop and I'm not sure what size To go with yet, prob 31 or 32 :-)

ya I sure it will be great for off the body stuff!! I love on body tricks though so ideally I'd like to still be able to transition between the two, which is why I was thinking that size! like I said I'm really into the breaky warrior style hooping with the really quick ninja moves haha

You will probably have a little bit of trouble at first, but you will learn how to use it, and soon you will probably be wondering how you used a bigger one for so long! I'm 5'8" and just downsized to a 30" hoop. It took a little bit of time to adjust, but it wasn't too hard! Good luck!

cool well that's about the same proportion I guess for what my hoop will be for me, can you still do on body tricks or are you mostly doing off body stuff?

it is great for off-body, but i can hoop on body just fine. :)

I think you'll love the downsize. I recently went from a 35" to a 33" myself and after only a week or so, I realized I might even want to go smaller - in fact, I emailed the gentleman who is making my LED hoop and asked him to make it a 30"! :X Your height is something to consider, however I have several pretty tall friends and they use smaller hoops with no problem. 

ya I'm hoping its just something that will take getting used to, whenever I watch the pros their hoops look sooooo small!! they make it look so easy, I'm hoping that the smaller hoop will give me that kind of control once I get into the flow of it and help me really step up my hooping :)

If those are the kinds of breaks and paddles you wanna do, a smaller hoop will be so much easier, eventually. Just takes a while to get comfortable with it. Breaks may be easier right away, but things like straight up chest hooping or vertical chest hooping, duck outs, etc are much harder because you have to go much much faster. It's a trade off. But just make sure you hang on to your bigger hoop and practice with it occasionally too. It's really fun to go back to a bigger hoop after working with a smaller diameter for awhile.


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