Everyday around midnight I will look up the most active/popular members for the day. The top 12 members for the day will have their name added to a hat. I'll draw one name from the hat for the day as a winner (who's name is removed from the hat). The next day another top ten outstanding community members are added to the hat with the previous 11 members. This means that you can have your name added to the hat everyday of the 12 days of Christmas, participation on the first day could result in you winning the final prize. *Note: Can you win more than one prize? Yes and No. EVERYONE who is in the daily top ten is eligible for the grand prize Synergy fire hoops, so if you've won once, your name will be re-added to the hat for the final draw.

Contest Details

Open to all Hoop City members and will be a random contest. All you have to do is be a member and have posted something on the day of the contest. Every morning a winner will be announced from the day before. Increase your chances of winning by posting blogs, replying to discussions, posting videos and photos.

Thank you to our sponsors for creating and giving these amazing gifts for our community. May your Christmas be Merry and Bright....... As a Fire Hoop!

Much love,

P.S. "Does it matter what I post?" The answer is YES. It is not just about being active with your community but also about quality content. What does that mean? It means if you take photos at a hoop jam, post your BEST photos, not all 50. It means going to your YouTube account and embedding your best videos to your Hoop City profile. It means sharing blog posts you've posted elsewhere about your hoop journey and asking thought provoking and original questions in the forums. Popular content is visible within the city and this will play a factor.
December 1st

Knitted Hat made by sandandsky of Sand and Sky Creations

December 2nd

Hoop City T-Shirt donated by SaFire


December 3rd

Hoop from Maisie Hoops of Hula Hoopers.ca

December 4th

Hoop City T-Shirt donated by SaFire


A $30.00 Gift Certificate to Hoop Clothes


December 5th

Fabric Wrapped Hoop from Martikas of Martikas Mystic Designs


December 6th

A Quad Hoop by Ken Price of HoopnDaddy Hoops

Kristin Clapper
December 7th

Body Hoops DVD donated by Betherann of To the Fullest

Yadida Rapcat aka Miss Texas
December 8th

TWO SaFire Online Hooping Classes donated by SaFire

Winner: AmaraZingara
December 9th

2 Disk Hoop Technique DVD donated
by Rich and Spiral of Hoop Technique

Winner: Shekinah
December 10th

Trinity Fire Hoop donated by Slang of SaCred Flame

Winner is Lars Carlson!

A BRAND NEW creation! The merging of Cosmic Fire and Hoop Drum.

December 11th

HDPE fire hoop donated
by Jewels and Shakti of Synergy Fire Hoops

Winner: Kristin Hugo
December 12th

Polypro fire hoop donated
by Jewels and Shakti of Synergy Fire Hoops

Winner: Emily Johnston!!

A big thanks to all of our donors!

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Yes, thank you so much! You're an awesome part of the hoop community :)

Merry Christmas! And thanks for a fun 12 days...and much more! Congrats to the winners!

Thanks, Sandra, for this great contest and for all that you do.

A BIG CONGRATS to all the winners!  I hope you all enjoy your prizes!

Happy Holidays to all!

Congrats to all the winners! Awesome contest!! <3

thanks so much safire for doing this...and to everyone who donated prizes!

Yay! Im super super excited. Thank you safire and all the donaters, and especially Shakti and Jewels for making such an amazing hoop!

Thank you SaFire for this contest and especially this website!!  MEGA congrats go to all the winners!!  Thank you to all who donated prizes and THANK GOD for HOOPING!!!!  Hope everyones holiday season is better than ever!!  Stay warm!

Safire, thanks for the contest. You managed to coax this introvert out of her shell to discover what fun it is to actually interact rather than just watch all the wonderful 'residents' of Hoop City. That turned out for me to be the best prize of all!

Congrats to the official winners and Hoopy Holidays to one and all!

P.S. You'll be seeing a lot more of me around here. Now I just can't stay away :D

congrats to all of the winners.... have a great holiday!!!!! enjoy your new toys and clothes!! :)


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