Hoopers we need your help!

I realize that this time of year a lot of people are looking to raise money, but if you have one, five, ten, one million dollars that you might be looking to put to a good cause, a local mother in my town needs your help.

We are trying to raise money for Crisdon Chaisson who lives in Windermere, B.C.
Crisdon has been diagnosed with ameloblastoma, a rare type of cancer that is located in her jaw. Recent tests have shown that the cancer has broken through her jawbone, making her case life threatening. To treat her condition Crisdon will undergo surgery at the Mayo Clinic in Arizona.

The amount of money she needs is scary, about $68,000. Please, please if you can donate to this. We need your help so much.

Click here to donate


Crisdon is the single mother of three beautiful kids. She is who really made a push to get hoop dance started in my community. She is such a free sprit and a truly beautiful person.

She is facing something that is too hard with such amazing strength. 
We are going to ask our local town to pull together, whether they know Crisdon or not, to help with surgery costs. 

But I figured we hoopers know that this website is our community, so if you can I am asking for your help.

There has been a paypal account set up in Crisdon’s name to take donations to help pay for treatment costs. If this is something that you can help donate to please do so by sending money to:



(Note the Dot ca not Dot com)




Login into paypal, go to Send Money Tab at the top, enter the email
and enter the amount to donate.

OR a CIBC bank account has been set up under her married name Crisdon Gretchen Lynn Okros:
Invermere CIBC
Transit: 00370
Account: 8033439
Institution: 010


Here is a link to an article just recently published in a local paper:http://www.bclocalnews.com/kootenay_rockies/invermerevalleyecho/lifestyles/111420464.html?mobile=true

Her Hoopcity account name is Crisdon (aka Spun Sugar), please send her your positive thoughts.

Thank you for your time, your generosity, and your concern.

Click here to donate!

Much love.

Here is a picture of Crisdon, just as beautiful on the outside as the inside.


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My thoughts are with her and her family.  I tried to donate, but the link isn't working correctly. I'll try again in a bit.

Darn, I refreshed it (the button). I hope it keeps working.


Maybe this link will. I will try and keep checking. The email address is



Thank you :)

Neither the button nor link worked for me. It takes me to a page that says something about it timing out and needing to log back in. 


I just sent through the email address though, and it was fine. Thank you for sharing this with us so we can stand with her in support.

Thank you.  I sent a donation via the email address. 

Thanks guys! 
I just changed to the email address, if that works for sure then I will stick with it. Thank you so much for helping! 

Please don't hesitate to post any updates either. 

Running the link on my FB page plus all my good thoughts and prayers that I have.

I cannot donate any money, but one thing that may help her through this is this community: CrazySexyLife 

Thank you! Spreading the info is huge! You never know how someone can help. 

Will do! Thanks for posting

watch these videos im post one and then it'll take you to another its about how hemp oil cure cancer and how to make it.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pjhT9282-Tw

Unfortunately because it has broken through her jaw bone this is no longer an issue of JUST cancer. She did try the Hoxsey Clinic (check it out) first, something that worked when she was diagnosed the first time years ago.  This time it did not. 


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