My first hoop is a 38" polypro hoop, but it's all taped up making it a bit heavier. I love the hoop, and don't plan on using it any less, but I notice when I try for isolation and off-body moves it's kind of big and heavy. I'm only going on 1 month hooping, but am between jobs right now and hoop for like at least an hour everyday :) I've noticed I get a lot of bruises on my hands from the weight of my 38" hoop. 

I love doing the isolation vortex and my one handed iso's are getting better but it's hard with how heavy/big my hoop is. I don't want to rush into getting a small hoop, but was wondering for my size how small I could go to make my off-body hooping a little easier?

This raises another question...polypro. I've been told to stay away from polypro until I'm ready...

I was wondering what everyones thoughts on this were?



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I'm a heavy set girl so my hoop is a lot larger than most... I use anywhere between a 38-44... 42 being my favorite right now.. and I am able to do isolation's and off the body moves no problem. it is a much harder work out on your arms but it can be done and sometimes I really like the way it looks.. the patterns are much larger

hmmm. in my opinion, you're hooping with the ideal hoop. nothing lighter than polypro, even with tape. I think it may be that you're still've only been hooping a month and many of the tricks require muscle memory and strength training. I can hoop with a 34" 1/2", but i prefer a 38" 3/4" and keep a 42" 3/4" around for strength training and practice. everyone gets bruises learning new tricks because you're not doing it perfectly and the hoop is hitting too hard or your body is reacting sooner or later than its suppose to, you just need more practice. try slowing down and playing with the flow. blindfolded hooping can help you to really feel what's happening and help you focus on where the hoop is on your body or in your hands.

Get another one if you want. Get two or ten. They are hula hoops - toys! Experiment with sizes and weights to find what works in different situations. Try a cheap kids' hoop for off body. It's economical and definitely not heavy.

Thank you all for the opinions. It really helps. I'm definitely going to try and hoop blindfolded! 

Oh I'm sorry my 38" is NOT polypro. 

Ahhh, that makes a difference. Do you know if it's 100psi poly or 160psi poly? I learned isos with a 40" 160psi hoop and it was hard but a great strengthening exercise. Also, doing the vortex repeatedly with a super heavy hoop really toned up my arms, shoulders and back like nothing else. I'd say try toy store hoops, but I'd highly suggest a 36" 1/2" 125psi polyethylene hoop (aka skinny black tubing).

The tubing is cheap. You can literally make at least 10 of them for $35 and get all the supplies at Lowes. I just put a strip of gaffers on the inside (you can use inexpensive hockey or electrical tape too). A 36" 1/2" 125psi polyethylene is my favorite hoop right now. I love my polypros too, but the 1/2" hoop helped me transition to it a lot. You just need the 1/2" tubing ($15), the 1/2" couplers/connectors ($4), and if you want to make it easier on yourself a ratcheting pvc pipe cutter ($15). 


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