Hello All:)

I am wanting to make some hoops but need some advice on tape. I was looking on eBay but I wasn't sure what kind of tape is used to make hoops? I want something with some grip to it. Any advice on the best places to go, cheapest, what kind, any other sugestions? Thanks so much,

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Well the mecca of hoop tape is identi-tape.com. However, it's quite pricey. Gaffer is my favorite, however, it's expensive and I can only find it online. Recentally I discovered a local shop in my town sells a wide variety of hockey tape. It's even grippier (and less than a quarter of the price) than gaffers, however I noticed it is not as scuff resistant as gaff. Mirror tape is hard to come by aside from the internet. I use electrical tape sparingly only to add color. My hoops are made primarily from hockey and gaff tape.

I've also heard good things about goodbuyguys.com
This. =)

I will add that hockey does tend to roll up if you do not seal the edges down with a different kind of tape. But if you are beginner, hockey tape is pretty awesome for grip.
goodbuyguys rock!
I third the Hockey tape thing. I buy it from Sports Authority, $7.99 for 4 large rolls in my area. I never make a hoop without it. It makes a huge difference in grip.

I don't use much gaffer's tape because it always seems to bunch up for me. I would recommend nothing more than 1" wide, anything more than that is difficult to put onto a circular object. I think gaffer's for hoops is really over-rated; it's not nearly as grippy as hockey tape and not as pretty as electrical tape. It has its fans, though, and it comes in lots of colors.

I also use a lot of cloth for decoration. I cut it into strips, wrap some double stick tape around my hoop, and then apply the strips. Then, I use hockey tape or electrical tape to secure the edges around the hoop. It works very well and adds a lot of color.
Hockey tape is awesome, but yeah it will pill up at the edges a bit with lots of use. I think the benefit of it being cheap outweighs that though. I got some today in camouflage and Canadian flag patterns, a buck a roll.

Pardon the bad image quality, my camera's bricked right now, but that's hockey tape on a white hoop.
Ooh, where did you get it so cheap?
A hockey supply store. I live in Michigan only a few hours away from Canada so there's a pretty good density of hockey around here, so to speak. It also gave me access to some of the weird patterns, in a sports store they may only have primary colors, who knows.
Thank you all for the advice:) I didn't even know about hockey tape:) I will definitly add that to the mix! I did want to do some glow in the dark tape and some mirror too. If I were to do mirror, would I lay that down before the hockey tape, then electrical, or Graff to seal it? If I am going glow would that be best used as a sealer, or would I lay it down first? What's the word on cloth tape?does anyone know about buying a pack with all colors, I have only seen them individuals, but I want all the colors, is there a bulk option out there? I am new to hooping:) I have been hooping for only 23 days, but I love it:) I have brusies all over me from practicing:) when I feel a little more solid I will share a video with you all. Thanks for all the insperation:) happy hooping to you:)
A new hoop addict. Yeah!! lol

Mirror also needs to be sealed at the edges, and usually I do mirror and then seal it with gaffer tape. Same with hockey, I seal it with gaffer tape. I personally do not like the look of electrical tape.

As for the glow tape, again, I would seal down the edge with gaffer tape.

But honestly, just play around. You won't get it perfect first time aruond and that's the fun and beauty of it.
I completely second the advice to play around with it. It took me a few hoops before I started figuring out what works best with my own hoop style and aesthetic. If you can find some cheap tubing, I suggest making hoops in all different sizes and taping them differently. This is how I figured out what worked out best for me. :-)
Thank you for this!!! And the warm welcome to the hoop world! I will let you all know how they turn out:) blessings, light, and happy hooping:)
Honestly I'm not sealing my tape's edges at all. I just make sure to smooth it down as I wrap it. If I have to redo my tape every week or two wahey, it doesn't take that long and the tape's not expensive.


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