my husband and i just moved to norfolk because he's in the navy, and i'm looking for some cool kids to hoop with.

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If you all ever want to make the little drive out to Richmond we have a amazing hooping community here!

I'm always looking for ladies too hoop with! I'm so glad I found some finally. I live in Norfolk if anyone's interested :)

Hi there hoop ladies! My name is Cara and I'm a brand spankin new hooper and I live in Norfolk/Virginia Beach. I know a handful of basics but I love to learn by someone in person as opposed to video tutorials. Would any one of you lovely souls like to get together sometime and show me some basics, tips and tricks? I like to ask questions! You can reach me at 317-385-1175! Happy new year all!

Most definitely! We should get together and hoop sometime. :) I'm Mary, btw

Oh perfect Mary! What's your phone number lovely?

I'll just text you since I don't want it out on a public forum. :)

That's my old neck of the woods! I'm not there anymore sorry to say but I hope you enjoy it.


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