Well, we have a thread for everything else... hehe. Anyone on this as well? I'm slowly but surely building my hooping circle. I'm loving Google+ so far! If you still need/want an invite, I can send you one.


Come play! <--- Click for my profile. 

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Dimitty, what is your name on G+ so I can add you? Or do you mean you want an invite? What's your email, and I'll send it! :)
No problem! I just added you.. PM away!
Pauliann, I loooove it. Everything I wished I could do with facebook, I can do with google+. I really hope people make the switch over, otherwise, not much point in staying if my networks are still on fb.
Pauliann, did you get an invite? If you have an invite, it should let you in. Send me your email if you don't have one yet, and I'll get you hooked up :)
How do you get a shortened link like that? The only link I can seem to find for my Google+ profile is the one with the extra long number.
if you go to http://gplus.to/ it shows you how to get it. They just host it but it is not affiliated with Google.
I'm on Google+ and I love it so far! It really is the new Facebook =] I'd love to have some hoop friends on there - add me if ya like! =]


Question: which Bethany Palmer are you? (There are 2)

The one with the glasses and a cuppa tea!
I'm so ready to start a huge hoop circle on Google+. Definitely loving it more than Facebook! I'm Heather Says there, find me!


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