I have recently discovered pinterest.com and I have found a couple hoopers on there to follow but not many. I was thinking, there must be more... where are they?!


It is such an awesome site for ideas on everything! I have been looking for costume and makeup ideas and have found a ton of stuff.  If you haven't checked it out, be warned... it is very addicting!!


UN- Goldfish80  


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oh my, it is super addicting! this is such a fun site, thanks for sharing.


I got an account recently! Not sure I totally get it yet, but I'm trying.

A girl I met asked to take my picture so she could put it on Pinterest. I hope she did.

I just heard of Pinterest as well. For one of my class this spring we had a choice of creating a pinterest or blog. I went with the blog. My understanding of pinterest is it's a story or something through pictures with captions?

There are many ways to use it. Online vision board, visual bookmarks, art gallery of favorite images, planning board, recipe collection, travel guide...

Oooh...I am glad you posted this...I have been on Pinterest for a few months now and haven't found too many hoopers either, but felt like it is a great website for sharing the hoop love.

I am LoopDLu on there as well - http://pinterest.com/loopdlu/

Goldfish and Isabel, I am following your hoop boards now :)

I got an invite to pintrest but it says it has to be linked to a facebook or twitter account which I dont have either of. Too bad :[

Yeah, I have no interest in joining facebook.  I signed up for twitter just so I could join Pinterest.  I never intend to actually use twitter though.  After a few months though I did make one tweet...I finally got the three-beat weave after over a year of attempting it...wanted to shout from the rooftops, but I settled for one lone tweet :)

Agreed. My life has been fine without fb so why start the creepiness now haha

Thats a good idea though I guess I could make a twitter to sign up & just not use it but then again i dont really feel like going through all of that.

It took me the longest time to figure the 3beat weave out but as soon as I did i felt exactly the same!! Congrats thats a tough one, but once you got it you GOT it.

You don't have to link Pinterest with the accounts. You can so you should go recheck it out! 

mine is not linked to either of those kinds of accounts---and i don't have a twitter or fb.  but i got an invite back in the beta testing period of pinterest so maybe that's why?


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