I was recently at a phish show in ohio and i was surprised at the number of hoopers I saw there.  We tailgated in the lot across from the venue and of course i forgot my hoop so I was lucky enough to meet these girls and boys who had a bunch of hoops and they let me jam with them. At first i thought, wow these people are amazing im so glad the hooping community has branched out to places where hoopers arent usually around. Although i did have someone walk by me saying "this isnt string cheese" which there was a discussion about hoop haters on here so i wasnt surprised by his remarks. Anyway after the show everyone did an awesome job of picking up their tailgate area and throwing away all their trash, this group of hoopers left glass bottles, trash, and cans all over their site, it upset me because it made the hooping community look like we cant pick up after ourselves and that we dont care, what was worse was they had to wait in a huge line to leave the lot and they just got out of their car hooping and didnt even care about the huge mess they left... then there was another male hooper who was clearly way too drunk and was trying to hoop while people were trying to drive out of the lot and he clearly was way too wasted to be hooping... he kept throwing the hoop and hitting people and peoples cars. It made me so mad because it just feeds to the stereotype that people have about hoopers that i know we all try to break. How do you all feel about this?

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There is always going to be a couple of bad grapes on the vine.
its very frustrating because i hate the stereotypes that hoopers have acquired, most of the hoopers i have met have been the most beautiful, loving, caring people i've ever met, its a shame that those few bad grapes are what stick out in peoples minds most when they think of hoopers.

Ya, most of the people I have met don't even know what hooping is still let alone have a stereotype of them in their minds. So I think this is definitely an area where we can look at it as an opportunity. There is a whole world out there who hasn't a clue about us, so in an area where we can only worry about ourselves and hold us and maybe our friend circle responsible, we can make sure to step up to the challenge of cleaning up after ourselves, being respectful of others' space, etc. 


All of us are going to be placed in situations where we are people's first encounter with hoopers. We have the power to make it a positive and rewarding introduction. That way, when those people see the "bad seeds", their first thoughts will be geared to comparing that with you ("oh that's not like the hoopers I met. They were so nice and kind.. these guys are weird") instead of you having to fight being compared to them and automatically being placed in a position where you have to prove yourself as something good ("oh she's a hooper. I met some of those once and they were so rude").  

Well said Shekinah!


I would like to think that people aren't going to make the assumption that one "bad" hooper means ALL hoopers are going to be like that. 

There's nothing we can really do but be ourselves and be the best that we can be.




unfortunately i was lumped in with these hoopers this weekend which i think is what bothered me the most. because i was the only hooper there that was respectful of others and of my tailgating site. After they left people kept asking me if i was with them because i was hooping as well. I agree though, I and a few of my friends helped clean up the area that they had trashed, it only takes a few good seeds to out weigh the bad ones, i was just so out numbered there I felt defeated.


well said though safire, i always make sure im representing the community i love in the most positive way possible. stomping out the stereotypes one person at a time and spreading our love is all we can do. :)

Wow that sucks :( I am always the one going on about not leaving trash on the ground and I even hate it when my friends throw ciggarett butts! I think that is an issue that has nothing to do with hooping although I see your point in how it could give us a bad name! A Phish concert really isnt the place for drunk asshole that are litter bugs my opinion. infact hooping and drinking don't really mix! I have never seen srting cheese or the crowd that follows them but am wondering if they are a don't give a fuck crowd? I would guess that it is actually a good group being it has so much to do with this hooping epidemic! Most of the hoopers I have met are really not like that , but you will always have posers. There is already so much hate in the world the last thing we need is hoop hate! If I was you I probably would have said something about the mess and cleaned it up myself in front of them to make a statement. I always do that :)
I think you did all you can do and don't let it get to you girl spread hoop love!

Ah, posers.....I noticed at the last burn I went to that it was 'trendy' to carry hoops around.  They couldn't neccesarily do anything with them....barely hoop at the waist is all.  I dunno if I am just being stupid or if people really do it just because it's 'trendy'. It didn't really bother me, but it bothered my husband. 

I think that no matter what the current 'trend' is there will be people who want to jump on the band wagon, but just don't have the strength or Independence to keep with the thing they love versus doing wherever the masses flood to do at that particular stage in trend time. Sad really, in my opinion, we have all been there though; I personally found what I want to stick with...

As a loving community, its our responsibility to remember that its a discovery process for them as well!

What's a hooper stereotype?  I don't know if I know them.
I just got back from a phish show and I noticed one thing in particular that gives hoopers a bad name And that's when they are hooping inside the concert venue, I don't think a concert venue is the place for a hoop because people are there to see the band and tend to get aggrivated by hoopers who are constantly in everones way. I think the hoops should stay on the lot. I don't think it works out for either side, the hooper has to constantly stop when people walk by and the people have to watch out for the swinging hoop. As much as I would love to have my led hoop with me at a show I just feel its not considerate to those around you. Festivals are different because usually there are tons of grassy spots where we can seperate ourselves from the packed in crowd. Even the lot can get tricky depending on the size of the venue. Today I watched a girl trying to hoop but she had to keep stopping because of all the foot traffic walking by. I think if we all are considerate of people and our surroundings...like u were doing Onyx...then hopefully people won't frown upon us hoopers!

i agree with you amy. I saw a girl with her LED inside the venue and she was in the front part of the lawn, im sure that was making alot of people behind her mad. i would have atleast hooped in the back of the lawn if you are going to do that. My boyfriend also hates when hoopers bring there hoops into the venue, the space is cramped and most people arent good at hooping and watching where people are at the same time. I have a hoop troupe that performs in the midwest area but we only hoop at festivals or large outside venues.



Calypso Moon Hooper: We did clean it up right in front of them, well they were in there car in line but they could definitely see us, i dont think they cared at all though. I hate litter bugs, it makes everything look trashy and the planet cant pick up after you its your own job and its not like its that hard... they even had three trash bags at there site right next to where all the bottles were laying. I dont have hoop hate for anyone though, i love the hooping community, in fact just before this all happened i was trying to help them learn some new tricks, im all about spreading the hoop love :)


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