I can't believe Hoopfest is just about a month away!!!  I am so excited to be in a setting where I can be practically one on one with these wonderful instructors!!  I am going to learn so much.  I have been hooping for almost a year and I can't even imagine what this is going to do for my hooping skills.  Is anyone else as excited as I am???

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I actually was just reading up about HoopFest today and am seriously thinking about going. The only thing that really has me on the reserve is the fact that when I click on the Schedule page of the website nothing appears =[ I'd really like to get an idea of what I'm paying for before I drop an easy 400 bucks on a ticket and trip up there. Plus who knows how much on other goodies I'm probably going to end up finding...

It does sound really awesome though. The main reason I even ended up looking at the site today was because I was drooling over the HoopCamp website, silently whimpering over the fact that I live on the east coast and would never be able to convince any of my friends to drop that much and come with me for a basically two week road trip... and possibly even longer because I found the Harbin Hoop Jam as well which sounds even more awesometastic than anything I could ever imagine. *sigh* Why does it take money and lots of time to do the things that I want...

Well since I covered my eyes and pressed the confirm button on my paypal account it seems I'm going to HoopFest, wahoo =]



Double check the schedule... it worked fine for me! I look forward to meeting you there!!

Yea it was a few days ago that the schedule got put up. It's tentative obviously, but it was enough to make me want to go =]

I can't wait to meet everyone as well! Now I just need to remember to book the camping spot XD It's so strange to have to do them separate.

Hahahaha! I have to laugh. I know what BOTH of you are feeling and, yes, it is going to be just as kick ass as you can possibly imagine! The coolest thing is that you can't even really imagine. It's beyond imagination. A gathering like this is a synegistic event that only happens once EVER! I am so glad we get to share it together.


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