hi hoopers ok i am over weight (sigh) im not like the rest of the hoop world that is skinny and trim but i was finnally getting happy with myself my hoop brought my out of the darkness until a few days ago when i recorded myself hoop i was destroyed i looked like a big ball of fat with a ring circling around me i have a few questions

Are all hoopers skinny?

Is there any exercise or diet hoopers do ?

Is there any place that sells plus size hoop clothes?

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thank you i will  :)

I'm overweight and I hoop. I say own it. If you keep hooping, eat seasonally and maybe pick up one other exercise (like bicycle commuting) you'll be fit in no time, no matter what your weight.

I'm not skinny and i think i look amazing while i hoop.

Check out my videos at youtube.Com/hooploveofficial and youtube.com/mrsdaimere

Also check out my hooping.Org article called for the love of plus size hoopers.

ok thank you  shannon you have helped me alot over the year

Also, a great free website is called sparkpeople.com.  They even have a hula hoop group (hula hoop all-stars).  They provide many nutritional articles, workouts, etc, all free.  No diet is perfect for everyone because everyone is different and need different things nutritionally.  Also, take in account your hooping schedule.  I maintain when I hoop for 30 minutes a day, I gain weight when I slack on my hoop practice.

Hoopers come in all shapes & sizes, just as all people do!  I'm about average size and love my curves - curves are sexy - embrace yourself!

Different people do different exercises & diets, hoopers included.  Do what works for you!  Lately I've started kickboxing classes & they are so much fun!  With warmer weather on it's way maybe make some delicious fruit salads for snacks, I love to go nuts making smoothies with a magic bullet. 

Check out etsy for some great clothes from artists who would be happy to custom make their styles for you!

Good for you for having the courage to video yourself, in all my time hooping I have not taken a single video of myself (and have no plans to shhhh).  I am much more comfortable behind a camera than in front of it!

thank you for everything i really appriciate your comment im going to try to do fruit salads and other things and i kind of forgot about etsy 

Not all hoopers are skinny, but perhaps the skinny ones post more videos of themselves so it seems that way. I know I've definitely seen plenty of badass hoopers that were overweight, curvy, or otherwise not thin.

If you want diet tips, I think the best thing to do (for weight loss AND general health) is to reduce or stop eating sugar -- it's addictive and has little nutritional value! Most of my exercise comes from hooping, and I believe that the best exercise is whatever you have the most fun doing :)

Also, I'm pretty sure EVERYONE, regardless of body type, is extra judgmental of their own hoop videos. Don't sweat it.

i've seen a lot of shitty thin hoopers, too, you know? there are so many good ones of all sizes and lots of bad ones of all sizes.  

shake it like you own it.


I'm actually fairly thin and tall, but I'm 42 and sometimes I think I look like an elderly stick bug spinning around in a funny, jolting circle.  Body image issues cover the map!  And let's all hoop anyway and find joy in that hoop and joy in our unique, and always beautiful no matter what bodies.

Just love,


That made me laugh "elderly stick bug spinning around in a funny, jolting circle".  Ha ha.  I just have to say that I'm also thin and tall, but I'm 45 with a 2 year old, and feel a bit self concious when I walk to the park with him carrying my hoola hoop (especially because I've just started and not even good at it yet), so i'm basically thinking, I must look insane, what's the mom of a 2 year old hooping for?   But why not?   I'm trying to focus on my relationship with the hoop and find a place of love for myself and meditation in it, and the celebration of learning and fun and also hoping to get exercise.  We all have our deal, but in the end, doens't it all comes back to love and joy?   That's my 2 cents.


I am an over weight hooper as well and feel self conscious about putting up videos of my hooping, but I think that we both need to cause no one judges here, this website is for encouragement :), right fellow hoopers? ;). Something that really helps you to lose weight are four things, 1) eat more fruit and veggies; you are craving sugar so much because your body needs it, but you are getting your sugar from the wrong places, when you eat more fruits, your body won't crave so much sugar cause it is getting its sugar, but good sugar that do not sit in your belly. 2) Try to eat slower, your body takes 20 minutes to tell you that it is full, in that 20 minutes you could eat tons and not feel full, if you eat slower you will not eat as much because you will feel full with smaller amount of food. 3) NEVER eat from a bag or carton! I say you can eat what you want, just not as much. A great idea that works is to take a bowl or plate out when eating snacks, when you eat from the carton/bag/container you don't have a limit other than the end of the line, when it is empty. 4) try using smaller plates. smaller plates means smaller portions, try to have more veggies and fruit on the plate than meat and carbs. So here are the four things that I have found that really help and work, I used to be obese and now am just a little over weight still. Good Luck and have fun Hooping :)


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