Help! I'm thinking about going to UCSB next fall but I really want to know if there's a community of hoopers or events and places to hoop at. Please let me know?

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bump. I am positive there are hoopers in Santa Barbara. I am starting at UCSB this fall semester :)

Unfortunately I don't know if there are groups or events. I am curious as well.

We'll have to look for some groups or start one :)

I just moved back to the area and am looking for some hoop friends and groups too!!! I know there are hoopers in the area, there is usually a bunch in the Summer Solstace Parade and festival this year it will be June 23rd if your in the area. Someone also told me there was a drum circle that usually has hoopers down by the harbor on Saturdays, but they had no idea on times or anything...

Awesome! I don't go up for college til September, but I'll definitely be scouting for festivals and hoop friends as soon as I get there haha!

Are you starting this fall or applying for fall 2013?

Starting this fall

Hey! Just saw you're comment in the SoCal Hoopers group :) I'm starting at UCSB too (grad school though)! Do you know where you'll be living? I live in Ellwood, walking distance to a great beach....

I'm living on campus in the San Miguel dorms :)

Oh sweet :) Well I know at least 2 other people who will be down to jam out at the beach, and you are welcome to join! We are all very much beginners though! :p

Let me know when you guys want to jam! I'm moving up around the 23rd of September! 

So I moved to SB over the weekend. I live right between Santa Barbara and Goleta and would love to meet up with anyone who is down!

I don't know anyone in the city yet and would love to find some people to hoop and hang out with.

Hi there! I'll be back in SB in about a week and am looking for people to hoop with as well! I'm going to be living by a beach which I think would be a pretty great place to practice. :) You a welcome to join as long as you don't mind that we are beginners!


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