This is just a random thought/probe to see what people think..

When I hoop, I usually hoop in jeans or shorts (so my legs are bare) (usually jeans cos I get cold easily). What about everybody else.

Particularly, does anybody hoop in skirts - both long and flowing and shorter. I've been thinking about it for a performance but I've never tried to hoop in a skirt and was just wondering if it'd just get in the way of leg hooping (my skirts tend to come to midway down my thighs).


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I like hooping in skirts as well as other things. I just wear cute hot pants/boy shorts underneath because I don't worry where it is going to fly. I would have issues in long skirts but not mid thigh. I have come to love skirts and dresses. They are so free and flowing.
The only issue I've found with skirts is occasionally they'll catch in a barrel roll and flash my undies, ha ha. with the right material you can leg hoop in a flowy skirt no problem.
I've tried to hoop in skirts, but they seem to fall down lol! Yoga pants are always best for me.
I find skirts make it more difficult to move the hoop back up, unless they are fitting skirts.
I enjoy hooping in skirts no longer than knee length. I've tried hooping in long skirts before, but I always manage to get them all tangled up in the hoop :P
I don't wear pants as a whole, so my hooping is always done in a skirt. Mostly I like ones that come just above the knee so I can still do step throughs and one leg hooping. Long skirts are still great to hoop in, but I find you are just limited with what you can do with your legs. So long as it isn't slippery material though, it doesn't affect knee hooping or anything though!
i liek to hoop in  skirts  but i  find  personally   its  alot  harder for me  to  do   one legged hooping,  and  step throuhgs.  sometimes ill tuck my  skirt up  but   eh. still looking  for a  good  solution
I tend to have a more "flowy" flow, so my favorite thing to wear is a tiered flowy skirt. It looks awesome when you spin!

What I am wearing usually affects how I hoop - more so from the feeling I get when wearing it than what restrictions it may create. In skirts it's all about sustained spinning - and they really are dramatic for performances. I'd say as long as you have some shorts underneath it's all good! Some flashing CAN happen if your hoop decides to play a trick on you and bring your skirt up behind you!


I've been having problems with hooping outfits since day one.  I like to hoop in dance/yoga pants, things that are meant to stay put while you move, but I love wearing skirts!  I recently started wearing a one-piece bathing suit while I hoop...if it's hot, I can just hoop in that, and if I want to wear something over it, it can fall down or flip up without exposing my butt!  Also, shirts can ride up and get tangled and I get frustrated having to pull them back down mid-hoop...totally takes you out of the moment.  So the bathing suit definitely solved a lot of problems!  I really wanted a leotard, but didn't really have the funds, but then realized that bathing suits are kind of the same thing (but with fun patterns!)  I like to put the skirt over the bathing suit and sling it low, it also just looks really cute.

This is a useful topic for me! Since we're just heading out of winter, I've been wearing more pants than usual, but in warmer weather I wear skirts almost exclusively. It hasn't been a problem for me yet because I haven't advanced to leg hooping and step-throughs and that sort of thing yet, but I hope to make that progress soon.

I am not terribly self-conscious about people seeing my underwear, but maybe I should save others the embarrassment and wear hot pants or something. Anyone have recommendations for where to buy under-skirt shorts? I can't think where to begin to shop for them!

Ariel, I just got bicycle shorts at Walmart, around $10 or something like that. They work well under skirts because they are form fitting and no pockets or extras. They are that "slippery" material.. so if you are wearing a cotton skirt, it doesn't bunch of when you walk. :)


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