Regarding money, Hoopnotica is much cheaper. Though how do they compare? What does Hoopnotica offer that Safire's classes don't and vice versa?

If I go through Hoopnotica's courses, would I be able to skip some of Safire's? Or are all of her courses absolutely necessary?

I'm not really sure which route to take right now. Those who have tried both or either, please help! (:

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I just learned to hoop through YouTube tutorials... Free! 

yeah! me too!

and if there is something you want to learn you can probably ask for a tutorial somewhere on this site and have people make you one or help you find it really quick [i'll make tutorials! :) ]

thirded! (though I really would like to buy some of SaFire's classes once I have some extra cash)

I got the 4 Disc Hoopnotica set  and the 2 disc Christabel videos off of Amazon. Out of them both, For learning,  I prefer Hoopnotica as she teaches the basics, before jumping to the tricks. I am on disc three and found she has helped alot !and still have disc 4 to go through.

For a workout, Christabel has a GREAT ( and Exhausting ) workout Dvd ! ( Its brutal ! ) And you need to hoop both with inflow and outflow well on the waist.

Havent done any Safire, so cant compare them, but seen a few you tube vids of hers. Drawback was, I didnt find any basic ones. They were all complex tricks, that she says, See this tutorial, which I didnt end up finding.

AS for classes, Going to a local one starting may 8th, And actually dont know what she bases her teachings off of. Guess I will find out !

Ive looked into both as well. I noticed hoopnotica is almost more fitness based while safire is more dance and trick based. It really depends what style you want. There are tons of tutorials on youtube that are amazing too.

I paid for both Safire's intermediate courses... (probably the best $55 I ever spent); and won the advanced courses though the "What Hooping Means to Me" contest years ago... learned nearly everything I know from her vids. (What can I say? Taiwan doesn't really have a hoop scene.) 

I can't speak for Hoopnotica, as I've never taken classes through their video series, But through Safire I've gone from not understanding was, to this: 

Highly recommend Safire's vids.

I highly recommend Safire's classes.  The quality of education is excellent - much better than anything you will find for free.  She really helps you to build a strong foundation of basic skills to work your way into more intermediate or advanced moves.  The way the classes are structured is sooo helpful - you're not just learning trick after trick, but really seeing ways to build and combine stuff.  I took Seeding and Budding and have finally finished them both - I can't wait to purchase Blooming! 

(Note: I bought the classes even though I already knew a lot of beginner stuff - and I'm so glad I did!  I wouldn't skip any of the classes because you will find a lot of helpful tips and foundational excersises in Seeding even if you are an intermediate hoopdancer).  

I agree completely. I thought I knew what I was doing by watching youtube vids, but Safire refines everything and you really understand how and why you are doing it. And yes, she's very good at demonstrating and encouraging flow from one trick to another.


If you are lucky enough to have Safires classes available, thats great, but we dont have any on the Island, so Hoopnotica is what I had available, and find that they do teach the basics. I found that I learned more with Hoopnotica then with Christabel, as HoopNotica broke things down one more step.  Disc 4 of the series is all about flow and putting things together so am looking forward to that when I complete disc 3. Having issues with the forward Hoop Sliding door. I can do the backward Sliding door no problem.  So until I complete that, I dont move forward . I am starting a local hoop class for basic / Intermediate, but I dont know what she teaches from. Guess I will be finding out soon !!

Also, yes, Cost is a factor !  Sometimes traveling to classes is just too expensive.

The SaFire classes that they are talking about are online, so no traveling needed :) Of course, if you ever have the opportunity to take classes with her in person, I recommend jumping at the chance. She is a spectacular teacher.

I've been going back and forth between the two for their teacher training programs, not that I'm not confident in my skills as an instructor, just that I think people would trust me more and respect me as a teacher if I had some form of certification or training under my belt specifically for teaching... I also maybe want to learn some basic fitness instruction.. But I'm having a hard time between Hoopnotica's and SaFire's teacher classes : /

I would go for SaFire's classes. I'd much rather support her than a big business.


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