Regarding money, Hoopnotica is much cheaper. Though how do they compare? What does Hoopnotica offer that Safire's classes don't and vice versa?

If I go through Hoopnotica's courses, would I be able to skip some of Safire's? Or are all of her courses absolutely necessary?

I'm not really sure which route to take right now. Those who have tried both or either, please help! (:

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Although I have never watched or taken a hoopnotica class, I hihgly recommend Safire's classes. 

SaFire is amazing and free. I would still love to use some Hoopnotica DVDs but can't really afford them. If anyone has any that they are finished with and don't want anymore, I will pay for you to ship them to me. :) (As long as the shipping isn't the same price or close to the price of buying the DVDs)

sweet! I am not sure how to message you. I am new on here. But you can email me at and we can figure out the shipping cost. :)

I love Safire's classes i'v been working through seeding, budding, blooming and the waves class, they are all wonderful! can't say enough good things about them all :)

I started with Hoopnotica's beginners' DVD - bought as part of a package with my first hoop. I found the instruction to be very clear and precise. However, I did not continue with Hoopnotica because the style of the DVD just irritated me. I'm glad I started off with Hoopnotica, but now I'm loving SaFire's online classes. She is a talented instructor and I prefer her more relaxed, less robotic style!

Just throwing this out there... but something I notice too is that a lot of times you can kinda tell where someone has learned the majority of their moves if they learn from Hoop Girl or Hoopnotica. The ones who I know who have taken those courses have proven this to me. I have never seen either of the videos, yet I can identify a hooper who has been trained by one of them because they move so similarly. And then you have all the people saying they learned from Safire, and they don't look like Safire in the hoop.

I think that's very telling with the methods of teaching and HOW the first two videos approach their instruction. Neither is better than the other, but the first two likely will teach you more in how to move in the hoop while doing tricks, and I think Safire teaches you more personal exploration building upon the concepts and structure of the tricks to make them your own. Not that you can't make Hoop Girl or Hoopnotica tricks your own with your unique style, but the two different types of teaching methods give you the foundations of hooping in different ways. So it really comes down to what you are after. If you want a larger trick base with more self motivation, I would suggest Safire, and if you want an overall instruction with a more dance approach incorporating hoop movements, I would suggest Hoopnotica. 

I could be way off, but, just a theory :)

I've never noticed this.  You should post some examples! I have done the hoopnotica DVDs and all that.  I don't think I move with any sort of grace that they do in hoopnotica.  I wish.

I just had a thought, we gravitate to the ones that we want to emulate.  So maybe that is why the hoopnotica peeps look very similar?  

I've done some of hoopnotica's classes and Safire's classes and i definitely like Safire's classes better.  I found that Safire breaks down the tricks a lot better and really helps more with trouble shooting of tricks.  Also all her videos can be put on your ipod or iphone so you don't have to be in front of your TV or your computer to learn them, you can really look at them anywhere.  Also each classroom has discussions which helped me a lot since you are able to learn through other hoopers and discuss what you might be having trouble with.  Hope this helps! =)

Will it work on an iPad?

you can download the videos onto itunes so you should be able to put them on any device that works with itunes, i've never tried it with an ipad but i assume it's the same as an ipod.=)

I'm so glad I found this discussion! It has been most helpful. I bought my first hoop as a packaged deal with the first DVD in their series through Hoopnotica. I took a summer class once a few years back with Lulu Hoop, I found her on this site, and she was a HUGE help. Since I don't know other hoopers in my area, I have been teaching myself through YouTube lately, but miss a class setting. I have been considering SaFire's classes too but I needed some feedback. Although I like the first Hoopnotica DVD, there was something about it I felt it lacked. I've checked out some of SaFire's tutorials and I really like how she teaches. From what I've read, I think the individual attention of the students and the fact that she adds things to the online classes is a big deal! After reading this discussion, I think I will go for SaFire's classes.  =)

I learned mostly from free vids on Youtube but I highly recommend taking a workshop WITH SaFire if she ever ends up near your town. Too much fun!


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