Hey all! Has anyone used an LED hoop by Hoops of Creation, or seen one in person? I'm curious to hear your thoughts. I really like the strobes they offer, and the fact that you can have multiple circuits for cheaper than PSIs, but I am wondering about brightness/durability. Post pics if you have them! Thanks!

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hey bug =] I have two leds from them. At first i absolutely adored them. bright and light and lots of color options, in fact i told lots of people about them. Unfortunately 3 months later neither on of my hoops work =/ the one wont turn on at all and the other shorts out as soon as you start to spin. I did have 5/8ths inch hoops so maybe they were less durable. beautiful hoops tho.. just maybe only for performances just rockin out is a little sketch
this scares me. i hope it doesnt happen to mine.. i've been afraid since she told me about the 5/8 being more fragile. I love my hoop i have had mine for almost three months now so i will keep my fingers crossed and if it shorts out i will let you all know!
my user pic is one of theirs... gorgous. but like i said..only lasted me 3 months.... both of them
Oh man, that's a shame! Thet're really beautiful! Do they offer any kind of warranty, I wonder?
i fully agree with Christy, and mine only lasted 3 months as well. but while it was on, i got a million billion zillion compliments. Taylor (the girl i'm in contact with about them) said there was a 6 month warranty. i emailed her about it not turning on but she hasn't gotten back to me yet, i think she may be on tour.

its really odd that both of our hoops lasted 3 months ... crazyyy!
this is the love of my life, before he died. :(
soooo beautiful!

I love my hoop from hoops of creation. I have a similar defect that I think Christy pointed out, which is it shorts out. The battery life is also short, but I'm starting to think it's because there is some wiring problems. Also, thinner tubing = less battery life. I haven't figured out how to open mine, a friend of mine opened hers (also wiring issues) because she didn't want to have to wait to send it to them and then get it sent back...it works now, but she was unable to put it back together in a perfect circle....as for mine, the cooler colors turn off earlier than the warmer. Also, it was glued improperly so when I do breaks, the circuits get pushed around in the hoop, and I have to end up pulling the whole string of circuits back up to the opening where the switch should be chilling under...it's silly.


I got my hoop when they were kinda starting off, so maybe they have gotten better. I've seen some of the hoops that they are busting out now for people, and they look amaziiiing. I didn't go to them to get my second LED, which are a pair of meteor minis from cosmichooper. I'm still deciding whether I should go back to them...I'm thinking if I do, i'll let them know about my previous hoop problems from them.


Some people have given rave reviews, so perhaps, like I said, they were starting off and maybe now they have gotten better. I would keep asking....they do have amazing color options and strobe options, which I like. But get the thicker tubing, as the thinner provides shorter battery life and perhaps less durability.

mine lasted 2 days and still have yet to get it back from it getting fixed been waiting almost 2 months to actually have it, but the hoops is beautiful though
i'm sorry for that, i talk to taylor often and i know that they are pretty swamped with the festival season upon us and so many people wanting hoops.
i ordered a hoop from them after they had been established more, so far i have had zero problems with it, besides a slight rattle, that usually only happens when im not doing a trick very smoothly though, I do believe that have improved their hoops now so if you are thinking about going back to them for another hoop i would highly suggest it. I do agree though i have a 5/8 tubing and i wish i would have went with the 3/4 tubing... but if you want a really light weight hoop and you are an experienced hooper then go for the 5/8 my battery life lasts a decent amount of time and it is super light weight and reactive.
Indeed, taylor is a sweet heart and they have amazing customer service. I really loved my hoop from them, but i'll wait a bit longer to order from them again. Hopefully they'll master all the kinks and defects that their earlier hoops had.


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