I am looking to place an order with hoopsuplies.com, but am not sure what size to get. I currently have a Hoopnotica hoop. It's large and heavy. I wanted a thinner and a bit smaller one. I want to be able to dance easier without so much resistance. I don't want one that is the same size as kids hoops at the store. I need it thicker. Any advice? Please?

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What size do you use now? I went down 4 inches to a 34 inch and I use a 3/4 inch tube. I use either a 100 psi weighing 13 oz or a polypro weighing 8 oz now. I started with a 42 inch 1.5 pound hoop. My next hoop was 38 inches and weighed 15.5 oz. I'm now sure if this helps or not, I think you have to go with what you are comfortable with. I prefer 3/4 inch tubing, some people prefer 1/2 inch. I do know that the longer I hoop the lighter I want the hoop.

My hoop is 40" in diameter and weighs 1.5 lbs. I believe it has 1" tubing. The next one down would be 3/4 right? Is the 1/2" tubing the same as kids hoops? I'm considering the 3/4 tubing and 38 inch in diameter. But I wonder if I will be able to tell much difference.

That's a big hoop. There is quite a bit of difference in a 1 inch tube and a 3/4 inch tube. I made some hoops with one inch tubing and they were huge.  After a one inch tube, the 1/2 inch my not feel like you even have a hoop. Do you have a friend that hoops with a 3/4 inch hoop that might let you try theirs? That might be your best bet before you buy one.

Hoopnotica's tubing is 3/4" as well, but it's 160psi, which is about the heaviest dance hoop you can get. A good weight and size for you to try would be a 38" diameter hoop, 3/4" tubing but 100psi. I think it's a great size for grooving since it's lighter, but it's not like and small like a kids hoop. 

I don't know anyone else who hoops, sadly. I tried to get a friend to learn with me, but she didn't want to. Anyhow, I do think I'm going to go with the 3/4 inch, 38", 100 psi sizing. Thank you so much. I'm so excited about making them. I'm getting enough materials to make 5 or 6. I so can't wait!!

I'm a little late to this discussion, but there is a HUGE difference between a 3/4" 160psi 40" hoop and a 3/4" 100psi 38" hoop. I started with one of those big Hoopnotica hoops, then went down to a 3/4" 100psi 40". I could not believe how incredibly light it was - at first I could barely feel it moving round my waist. I definitely would not have wanted a hoop smaller than 40".

Oh, not late at all. I still haven't purchased the materials. So how come you wouldn't want a smaller one that 40''?

The first hoops I made for myself (at the time all my hoops were 40" 160psi) were all about 38" in diameter and lighter than 160psi (they were pex). It was a hard adjustment but I just kept at it and within a couple weeks was able to use them. Lucy if you're ordering enough supplies to do so you can make one of each size (40 and 38) or you can make the 40 to start with and don't completely cover it in tape. Try it out at 40, see how you like it, if you think you can move down a bit open it back up and cut it down to 38-39. 

I made these hoops from tapes from Hoopsupplies.com. I was very happy. Fast shipping. Good prices. https://www.facebook.com/StockwellHoops


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