I don't know why but I can not even begin to comprehend how to do this. I can't find any tutorial on just this,it looks so easy for everyone else :(  It's the one where you're bent forward and spinning the hoop behind you, on your thumb I think, I can't spin it on just my thumb,even above my head. my fingers always get in the way :/

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ohhh ok look up rising sun behind the back pass hoop tutorial by Babz on youtube . im pretty sure thats what ur looking for

and u dont have to spin on ur thumb its just a advanced option to the same move.
i hope i helped u out!

I would work on  just the plain horizontal rising sun first, and then once you've got that down, you can stall it on your thumb and hang out for awhile. 

Oh . I didn't even think about doing rising sun horizontally.I've never seen that done.sounds like a good start to me :) thanks ladies!

when i teach this i often teach it with a staff or stick first then move to hoops. I think it is a little bit easier to understand with staff then apply it to hoop. Maybe that might help you too. You can just use a broom or some thing instead, 


thanks jane. i'll give it a try. i have a friend who did flags in high school so maybe she can help me out with this one

ok i had seen this i just didn't know what it was called.lol.

yes yes if she spun flag, as i did in high school, she can help you tons, i have found that learning the staff and its plans helps to know what you can and cant do with a hoop it also helps with not hitting your self!!


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