So I'm not really sure if I'm making a big deal out of nothing but...

My friend just sent me a link to this hoop video where it was this girl wearing practically nothing and had a hula hoop. Not that she could do anything with it. It's just that it was a hot girl swaying her hips. Now I support everyone in their hooping skills, and if you can only go around your waist that's fine but there are a lot of people, including myself, who have worked really hard and put in some serious hours learning the hoop and the power that comes from it, so when I see something like that that's completely exploiting and everything, I dunno but it really irritates me. Hooping can be very sensual, but that's just one part of it. And I feel like there's so much attention given to just the hotness of the girl and a lot of girls just roll with that, and don't progress further. And then on top of that I feel like I'm being judged on that too. I also feel like these are the people who give hoopers a bad name, because they don't respect the hoop. I don't know, do I sound crazy? I don't think I'm an uptight person and obviously sensuality has it's place but you know if you wanna be a half naked girl dancing that's awesome, but the hoop isn't about that so if you can't hoop don't bring one with you. It's an art to some people.

Bleh. End rant.

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I  have to respectfully disagree. I feel that if a girl wants to hoop, even if  all she can do is just waist hoop, and she feels like doing it butt nekid  she should! Regardless of how hot she is.

Some of the worlds greatest hoopers spin in super skimpy outfits (Babz for example). She is no more entitled to hoop semi nude that someone who is still learning how to do a vortex.

There is space in the world for hot half naked dancing hoopers  as well as fully clothed badass ninja hoopers  and everything in between. Hooping can be a half naked, or fully naked art form, a meditation, a weightloss tool or just a simple toy to mess around with . I believe that every has a right to hoop however they wish, as long as they are not hurting anyone.


i think i'm with you on this, there is plenty of room inside the hoop for all kinds of people :)

Here! Here! I say do what you want and screw everybody else and what they think :)

I feel like girls who wear less clothes while hooping are often judged harshly purely because of what clothes they decide to wear, yes the outfits are sexy but, that doesn't mean that we should be so critical! 
Generally when I see hoopers its outside at festivals or at raves, it's usually hot at raves and festivals because well, you're hooping and dancing! I think wearing less helps deal with the heat and also makes hooping easier because it grips to the skin.
I also think that women should be able to express themselves freely without judgement. 



thank you so much for posting this.  Made my day.  Welcome to a very small taste of what it's like to be a MALE spinner.  We have to KILL ourselves to get the slightest crumb of the attention a girl would get in similar situations.  But it's not just attention, it's photo opportunities, jobs, positioning within a gig, etc.

I choreographed this little bit of social commentary on this very subject.  Enjoy.

(caution, loud sound track)

Dang that guy is freaking incredible. I couldn't take my eyes off him. 

His name is Alien Jon, her name is Gigi Edgely.

hahahaa thats awesome! 

I totally understand what you mean too! My boyfriend is an aaaaamazing poi spinner but still gets overlooked sometimes if were both flowing at the same time.

wow i never considered this from a male hoopers perspective, thnx for sharing ;)

I don't really mind if a female hooper doesn't wear a lot of clothing while hooping, you can't really judge a hooper or any kind of dancer by their type of clothes or lack of. It only bugs me if its a beginner hooper that's simply waist hooping and people are going "OMG WOW THOSE SKILLS"...then yeah I'm going to frown a little because that's not the way I want the hoopdance community to be represented...


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