Hello HTown Hoopers! I just moved here from Michigan, and am in need of some wonderful beautiful people to show me the ropes around here and of course, I want to hoop with you! I have no idea where to go for good music, good people the whole shabang! I NEED MUSIC!! ahh! I need a rundown of this town, and i'm hoping one of you beautiful souls will reach out and help me through this huge change i'm having in my life. Please please spread your hoop love this way, I need you. Thank you for listening, and I hope to here from all of you great Texans very very soon. light and love. namaste.


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Hiya Layla!! There are lots of hoopenings here in Houston, go to www.discoverhooping.com for our meetup group! What part of town are you in? Houston is a great city and I've grown to love it over the 2 years that I've been here. What kind of music, "scene", are you into? I've got mucho info. Hope to hoop with ya soon!

Welcome to Texas! Last Concert Cafe on Nance St downtown has a great hoop scene :D
I live out in the Tomball area (which is essentially north Houston), so if you're ever out this way I would absolutely love to jam with you!!

There's actually a really awesome local musician (Carolyn Wonderland) playing at LCC this Saturday that I'll be making the trek out to see/hear/hoop to. Hope to see you there!


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