Hello out there! So I just bought a house which is amazing but the idea that it will ever be mine seems so far away. I have so many ideas that I am trying to sort through....sometimes I don't think I even know what I want. So I wanted to ask you other creative minds....how does it come together? How have you infused your home with your own creative style?

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Check out pinterest.com  There's all sorts of cool and crafty things on there, lots of home decorating ideas. 

I look online for old big hooks for cheap. I have a bunch by my front door and up my stairs. I hang my hoops on them and purses, keys, dog leashes, coats/sweaters. It brings color and a "lived in" look I love plus it makes everything handy.

I also blow up photos of things I love and frame them. Me and my friends out on the town, my family at the beach watch big kites, family making goofy faces at a wedding. I also have pics of my hobbies: dance, contortion, circus, my dogs, gymnastics, etc. or things that really catch my eye. I would rather have a blank wall than a generic picture from Target.

In my bedroom I hated my closet doors. Plus they were always open anyway. I took them off and hung curtains that I tie died. Things you do or make yourself can make you feel "at home."

Even an old couch can be dressed up with a favorite throw or comfy pillows. I have 2 super soft "fur" throws I keep on my couch. It brings an elegance into the room.

Decor changes over time. You don't have to know what you want as a complete plan from the moment you move in. I make or buy things that I love and add them to the mix a little at a time. I subtract things that I no longer love. My decor is fluid and reflects my current tastes without costing a fortune.

In the ten years I've lived in my current apartment, there have been many adjustments - broken appliances replaced, new rugs to add color, plants, books coming and going at a frantic pace. Spaces get rearranged depending on what I need them for. Nothing is set in stone here. 

I got my own house about a year and a half ago. And like Tink said, things are always changing.  You'll always be adding things and getting rid of things.  I think it's only over time that you finally get that "home" feeling (despite the fact thats things may come and go).  Once you've been living in the house for a little while, you'll get more comfortable with it, and it will automatically be infused with your style.  


But of course, you will need to do some decorating:

www.thenest.com is a site all about getting your first home. It's pretty cool. It's a sister site to "the knot" and the "the bump." They have some DIY yourself stuff too.




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