Hi everyone,

I just saw this featured over on Hooping.org:


That move at 1:31, when she separates the two hoops in front of her: how does she do it? I've never actually done twin hooping but I saw this and now I just need to know! Wow. Absolute woooow.

Thanks in advance to anyone who'll help :-)

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Woah! that's pretty crazy. I've never even seen it before so I can't help much, but damn! 

Wow oh wow!!! She is amazing!! True inspiration! Would love to get some tips from her!! 

 I just tried it and it isn't as hard as it looks. Not to dis Lottie, who is amazing, but this move seems to be big show for not too much technical bang!

Pull the hoops off your body from the front using the hand that the hoops are heading towards and pulling the hoops in toward your hip and then over your head. Then push the hoops into the front plane by twisting your wrist. The hoops sort of separate on their own thanks to the momentum they have from taking them off your body. The trickiest bit for me was keeping the hoops from crossing over each other and getting stuck. I think if I placed a thumb between them as I pulled them off me (which she may be doing, it's hard to tell), that might make it more consistent.

This might not be exactly how she did it, but it's not a bad place to start to explore this concept.

Nice! Thanks for breaking it down. I'm about to make a new set of twins so I will definitely be attempting this. 

Cool move!  I love how moves get even more infinite with two hoops. 


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