Me and my husband travel all year round. For some reason we used to get pulled over by the police surprisingly often. We thought it's because we have another state's register plate and our windows are tinted black - maybe we look suspicious to their, ahem, sensitive eye.

A friend of ours got into legal trouble and since then used to get followed and pulled over by the cops constantly. The police can actually have a machine that detects signals from a flagged RFID (radio frequency identification) chip embedded in your driver's license. Our friend understood that they must have flagged his chip because of the legal issue. But once he grabbed a hammer and smacked the heck out of the chip, all police hassle on the road was gone. Almost miraculously.

So we figured out that for some reason or another, we too must have a flagged microchip signaling out wherever we drove or parked. Since we destroyed the chip, we've had ZERO trouble with getting pulled over for no reason. It's been over six months now. On average we got pulled over at least once a month.

I checked the Homeland Security website but didn't find info on which states have these "enhanced driver's licenses" as of yet.

Ok boys and girls, this is what you need to do to destroy the chip in an unnoticeable manner:

1. Put your driver's license in the microwave for 5 seconds. We did for 10 seconds.
2. Put it back into your wallet or wherever you keep it and smile knowing that your privacy just increased.

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So this doesn't apply to all licenses in all countries or even all US states. But I guess it won't hurt to radiate yours a bit if you want to make sure. In case you're concerned about such matters. I wrote a poem about this too :D
Dude, the chip is EvIL and I despise the use of human tracking devices for the purpose of government control

Thanks for the tip.
Don't you have issues buying medicine or alcohol. I know that when I buy sudafed or anything like that for a cold they have to swipe my card. They are even doing that now when you buy sharpies because kids are sniffing them. Have you had issues yet?
Seriously..... sharpies? WTH
Where do you live that they are swiping your drivers licence?! :| I have never even heard of this.

They do it in every state as far as I'm aware.

they do it so that they can see if someone is buying a large amount of Sudafed or other medicines that are used for harder drugs.

Since they can't really tell if or how you've tampered with the chip, they probably can't prohibit you from buying those things if your card can't be swiped. It would just fall to the store to be responsible for keeping your info on file. They can't fault a person for not knowing that it's not working when they don't want people to know about the chip in the first place lol.
Interesting, I don't know about this but then again I never buy cold medicines or stuff like that. Crazy though. Just today I bought a t-shirt and the lady at the register wanted my first name, last name, phone number and email address. I asked why, she said they want to keep track of their customers. There's a limit you know.... some privacy should be respected.. Of course I write a blog or three actually and so my life is pretty available to anyone but still. Swiping ID for buying sharpies?? I think we should say something every time we come across such a situation, voice our concern you know. Not just go along with this mindlessly. Otherwise there's no end.
I microwaved my boyfriend and I's licenses after I read this on your blog a while back.  At this one gas station where we get cigs, they scan your license and it still works after we microwaved it.

I think what you're talking about only uses the traditional magnetic strip on the back.. They slide it like a credit card right? The chip's something a little different.

Did something go wrong with 10 seconds? lol
Nope, the license looks perfect :D


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