I was searching facebook earlier and I came across this dreamweaver hoop. I went to the site and they are not even selling them yet. I wanted to try to make my own but I dont know how to go about it. I know its a 34" inner hoop and a 58" outter hoop and they use polypro tubing, they also have a bungee cord though out the center of both which always it to say together when it collapses. Heres the site: http://dreamweaverhoops.bigcartel.com/product/dreamweaver-originale


Let me know what you guys think, otherwise I will wait til they get there hoops up on the site.

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Luna was selling them at one point, you could shoot her a email about when they will go on sale again. I know you can get a kit to collapse the Dreamweaver hoop. She probably stopped selling them to travel & perform. You can buy all the supplies from home depo or lowes. You need 8 T-connectors, cut out the tubing for 58+ hoop and a 34+ hoop. Then cut the hoops into 4 sections. You will also need to cut 4 about 15-25 in long bars of tubing to connect the hoops together.For webbing I'd drill a small holes around the hoop and use a curved needle to sew in some kind of webbing. And to make it collapsible you could sand two ends of the T-connector and add push buttons.


This is all a guess, haven't tried to make one yet, but if I were going to make one this is how I would do it.

I think it'd be pretty fun to experiment with making your own. :) Martika's info is a good place to start. Maybe you'll come up with something totally new and unique.
very cool. i want i want
I would try to make it before paying $175 for a hoop! It says what kind of tubing it is. I would say to get with a friend and really figure something out. You Tube and other sites have directions on making collapsible hoops with the bungee cords, you could probably do the same thing for the connecting tubes. I have no idea what that webbing is though and how you could easily collapse that. Maybe you should just buy one haha Either way, GOOD LUCK! :)

she doesn't put the bungee cord in the hoop, it's used for the webbing. She lets the webbing hold the peices together after it's collapsed. She also uses polypro tubing but you can use 100 pvc psi or 125 psi pvc tubing to practice with first.

Try making one, its easy & like Martika says.

I make something similar, (I dont do the weave, I do that part differently and a couple of other minor things...) I used to have a tutorial up, but its down now & I probably wont get back to it for a while unfortunately.

There is another thread somewhere which may have some more tips for making these in it, Im not sure.


ETA: Here it is


Thanks guys so much good feedback! I def am going to try and make my own with all this great advice. I know I can make one, its just the collapsable part I think will be tricky. Need to take a trip to the hardware store

im loving this!!! im definitely going to try to make one!


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