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Where to Buy Hoop Tape

- identi-Tape: Wide selection.
- HoopDrum
- FindTape
- TapeBrothers
- Hockey Monkey: Obviously hockey tape
- McCormicks: Colorguard Tape
- Hoop Tape Canada: Low shipping costs!
Fancy Tapes: Wide selection of tapes.



Also check out Hoop Supplies for hula hoop tubing!

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More places to get tape in the U.S. - cheap gaffer - obviously hockey tape
McCormick's - some is expensive, some not. I haven't ordered from them yet, but they offer 1/2" prism & 1/2" silver and gold mirror (whereas Identi-tape only has 3/4" and 1") - hockey tape
Thanks that's great.
What is the best kind of tape to use? I never realized there were so many different types.
If you only want to buy one tape, I'd choose gaffer's, as it has lots of grip & is fairly durable. If it's too expensive for you (even from the cheap sources), hockey is grippy too, just a little less durable.
Ditto, no videos, only blank space.
I am struggling to find and order the correct sized snap buttons / spring buttons. I want to buy them in bulk. If anyone knows of a link where I could get them from then that would be GREAT!!! Thank youuuuu.
Thank you so much!! i didn't realise Spinsterz did them in bulk. I thought that they only did the set. Silly me. I am e-mailing them now.
Thanks again!!!! Legend :)
Parts list for hoop-making for the US:
Wow cool I didn't came past this post until now :) it is very very usefull!!
Thank you so much!!
I would like to add a new site to the supplies list on where to get hoop tape in the US... (offers deco & grip, tubing, connectors, kits & more!)

Can anyone direct me to where to find info on 'standard' dimensions for poi hoops? ...and they are 1/2" in diameter yes?  I've never actually seen one before. :)


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