Do you sometimes feel like you're the only hooper in your town or city? I know what that is like. Many hoopers see hooping for the first time when at a festival or on vacation and when they return home are disheartened to be alone in their excitement about their new discovery. You may get strange looks at first and weird reactions from others when you talk about hooping and it will be much more comfortable if you have a friend and fellow hooper with you that appreciates your new addiction. Here are my tips for starting a hoop group or hoop jam in your area because even if there are no hoopers in your city you can always make new ones. Go ahead and start the revolution in your city!

Tip #1: Make or purchase a bunch of hoops.
All it takes to get someone hooked on hooping is for them to try it! Having extra hoops around is a great way to get people trying them out, laughing and exploring movement. Check out Hoop City's How to Make a Hula Hoop page or the "">Hoop City Marketplace to increase the number of hoops in your area.

Tip #2: Share the hoop with everyone and anyone.
You never know who might be interested in hooping. Many hoopers had no idea that hooping existed and when first exposed to it were ecstatic and excited to get started. Share hooping with friends, family and co-workers. You may help to change their life for the better by giving them a new hobby, passion and activity for them to enjoy and grow with.

Tip #3: Bring your hoop with you and hoop in public.
Having your hoop with you is likely to raise questions. People will ask what it is and why you have a hula hoop with you. Don't be shy, give them a short demonstration and introduce them to the idea. You never know who might be looking for something new in their life. Hoop in parks, on campus, between classes or at work on your break. By hooping in public you can casually introduce people to hoop dance and show them something brand new. Others might be too intimidated to approach you but if they watch from the sidelines and see the potential of hooping you may cause someone to go home and Google hula hooping and expose them to this amazing experience. I used to hoop outside during breaks between classes on the University Campus and people waiting for the transit would watch in curiosity. It didn't take long before people started to come up and ask questions about it. Be prepared to have strangers talking to you. If you are normally shy talking to others remember to take a breath, smile and feel confident knowing that what you're about to tell them is one of the most amazing things in the world. ; )

Tip #4: Throw a Hoop Making Party or Hoop Jam.
You may have to be the leader of hooping in your community until the ball gets rolling. You could throw a hoop making party with friends or bring a bunch of hoops to the local park on a weekly basis and begin a weekly hoop jam. It might be small at first but over a few weeks more and more people will come until you have a regular hooping event running consistently. When I first started I hooped in the University Atrium during Rush Week (when clubs advertise to potential members) and invited others to join me once a week in one of the dance studios for a hoop jam/free class. Over several weeks we increased in numbers until we had our own group to play with every week! Not to worry if you are still really new at hooping, you only need a few basic moves to help people grasp the idea of how awesome and fun hooping is.

Have you started a hoop coup in your area? How did you do it and what tips would you give others?

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These are some awesome ideas and now that the weather is starting to get nice, I am going to make some hula hoops for friends and get them on the road to obsession...I mean in the same. hehe! Mad Love!
I like your ideas, time to get busy!  To my knowledge there are only 3 hoopers in my city Poway, CA and we all started at near the same time.  It is my son and his female friend, they have gotten a few compliments at our community park where they practice.  I like the idea of bringing a bunch of hoops with you when you practice.  I love sharing with people in my apartment complex.  I have given away a bunch to the kids and two to adults who have shown interest.  I threw the kids a back to school pool party and had a hooping contest.  Two kids at a time hooped til one dropped and the winner got to keep their hoop, there were 5 winners.  I made some for my two female co-workers too and we hoop on our breaks.  It is an excellent way for females to bond at work.  It seems so far that most people have a very short attention span.  I need to get another spool and make more and just keep at it!  I have never been one to give up that's for sure! 

"If you build it, they will come."  ; )



I got certified as an Hoopnotica instructor and started the first hooping classes in my area. The local newspaper did a great article on the classes which was good free marketing. I never turn down an opportunity to hoop at community events or do demos at the local schools. Slowly we are building a core group of hoopers in our area.

Took my hoops to a company party, I was a bit nervous since I am newer to hooping but really wanted to share.

I set them aside at the beginning of the party, by the time everyone had a few drinks in them I laid them out in the grass, everyone (including the men and even older adults) started picking them up, dating eachother to try it, and all of them were having fun! Plus they thought I was amazing -thanks to a few drinks so did I, lol!

One of the gals fell in love, I saw it instantly on her face and she had my led hoop on her waist all evening! I told her I really love hooping but have no one to hoop with. She said she would hoop with me. I told her I wanted to get a bunch of people together weekly but didn't have a facility to host something like that.

Well.... she got excited and told me she has a large property right outside of Eugene that has a Do-jo and would easily hold 30 hoopers! She was excited to offer her facility and even offered to build a website for it!

Now I just got to get some $$ to make hoops and we can get the ball rolling!

Any ideas if what if anything we should charge, if I should sell or just offer hoops for the barrowing? Not trying to make a profit, but I would like to break even on costs if possible.



I like to hoop in the Forest Preserve near my house. I see people watching me from time to time but the other day I had a lady come up to me and ask to try. I told her to grab a hoop and she did. It was so much fun to watch her face light up. She dropped it over and over again but she was having so much fun. She looked just like me a few months ago when I started hooping. Eventually her boyfriend got bored so he grabbed a hoop too. I was glad I had all my hoops with me because hooping with those strangers totally made my day (and hopefully theirs!).

If only I had thought about getting her name/number to hoop again! <facepalm>


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