HUGE class size ... ideas, suggestions, stories, thoughts??

So I've been teaching classes now at a local studio and in clients homes for 8 months. The studio I was teaching in recently closed, and I had a new opportunity to teach Hoops class at the community college. I had a 8 student minimum which had me a bit worried because my classes are generally 4-5 people.
The college here loves to promote their new classes, and before I new it my picture was everywhere with an awesome article about the upcoming class, in the local newspaper, the free White Sheet, different ads online... everywhere. We held a coffee at the college demonstration, and had 40+ attend. Most were hooping the last half of our time together!
Bottom line... 30 students signed up for the class that day.

The room we have is extremely large. We could probably fit 30 whirling hoops in there... but I'm a bit nervous as to how to handle such a large crowd, all eager to learn and progress on their new hoop paths!

I added two additional class times, and have just called every person on the list. I left 7 messages and have 15 confirmed for the original time. 4 opted for the other classes, and the school says more are interested because of the new times.
Wednesday 4-5pm is a huge hit.

Ideas, suggestions, stories, thoughts??
I figured what better place to turn than the wonderful land of hoopers I am so lucky to call my friends.
Happy Hooping everyone!!!

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I teach children so this may or may not work for you... but after I get a feel of who can do what and what level of beginner everyone is at, I group my kids and have group leaders. So if 3 kids are struggling with say a lift, I will have those 3 together with 1 other kid who can do the lift and those 4 practice that move. (Even children can teach their peers. Sometimes they can even figure out a way to describe the move that the others get that I never thought of.) Again, I don't know if you want to do this with adult students, I don't know if they would pull the whole "I'm paying HER to teach... why am I doing the teaching?" thing. But yeah, 30 people to teach in 1 class is waaaay too many. I think more than 8 in a class is too many though for this particular type of movement.... too bad you couldn't get like maybe 2 other hoop teachers to do it with you. That would be cool. Good luck to you!
I was going to suggest if you are allowed to have an assistant? Then once you got a hang on where the various levels of skill are at you can divide the class in two.

Another idea, is breaking your class into segments. Do a few basic moves. Then once again, get a feel for who is picking up what, you can divide the class up, and then let those that got it work on the few basic moves, tell them to work on how they can lace those moves together. Than you can gives some one on one time with those they might be struggling.

Good luck!
I wish I could teach with you :) you are awesome peri!


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