I am excited! I messed up a lot but I don't care :-D

I really enjoyed the process. I can't wait to make more and learn more!

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That's a pretty sweet looking ppe hoop you have there :), great for Halloween.
Heh, thanks! I was so excited when I got my package today. I didn't even realize I had Halloween colors until I was half done.
Hoop making is addicting. Soon you will have a big collection and enough hoops to give away to friends and family.

it really is. its an outlet for me. sort of a meditation in a way. 

Nice color combo. The taping will get better and easier each time you do it.
That looks great! I re-taped my hoop at the weekend and made an absolute mess of it. Doh!
Grats! It's the best addiction out there :)



Nice work! WAY better than my first hoops. :D Love the colors.

Hi! Hows your polypro? I ordered mine on the 1st from hoopsupplies and i am SUPER EXCITED to get it and use it for the first time. I order twins same size as yours already intact. I'm already a hoop maker I just dont make the polypro ones yet. I have plenty of tape around here so i'll tape it if i choose once it gets here. She had a family emergency so my hoop is going to be delayed a bit.(So sad) I'm still stalking the mail as if it's going to magically arrive in there. lol I can't WAIT.. I have been stalking the polypros for a while now. Finally order and it's delayed.. booohooo ; ) but, good things come to those who wait. Right? lol Happy hooping......

When I got my first polypros I missed the mailman and had to pick them up from the post office—I was so bummed I had to wait for a time when I could get to the post office! I busted them out right in the parking lot just to spin in them a minute and when I got home I immediately tried them out. They're so different but so fun. The first couple times I was all "meh" and I threw them around a lot but now I'm loving them. Mine are 36" so they're not super tiny but not large and I haven't taped them at all, but I've considered doing a line of gaff on the inside. Anyway, I hope when yours come you love them! I'm interested in hearing what others thought about them when first using them! (The video below is after having them about a month or so.)

It's a very nice looking hoop! I will order my stuff soon and will be making mine for the first time. Eek! So excited!


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