Our hoop troupe, Orbital Evolution ( http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=128467970529131&index=1 ), is performing at Tucson's Birthday Big Kahuna Party August 21st. We adapted our group choreographies to go with some pretty awesome luau-ish techno-ey songs, but I'm starting to think they are the only ones out there :( I'm doing a solo and I need a bouncy, surfy, Hawaii-y, or luau-ish song also....HELP!!! I know it's obscure, but I guess that's why this has been so difficult :) If anyone has ANY suggestions I would love to hear them ;)

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Hi there..Im not sure about Hawaiian music exactly but I know of a few good up beat "island beat" songs...

1. Theres a song called "Yorana" ..the link should give you an idea of some of the hand movements you could incorporate into your dance and the song is the version I like...

2. Theres a group called Te Vaka..they are a South Pacific group.. their website is www.tevaka.com and one of their most famous song is called "Pate Pate" .. if you youtube it you should find it easy.

3. Last but not least..visit your local music store and check out Music from Around the World or something along those lines :)

Good Luck with finding your song and your performance! Keep me posted on what song you choose to do do :)
Thanks for the tips <3 I like those links....I'm still on the hunt :( Hopefully I can go to the cd swap store this week....It's not a paid performance so I'm definitely trying not to spend more money than I already am on my costume ;)
Hey! I'm performing at a christmas party next month that is luau themed. Which songs did you end up using??

Thanks so much! :)
I don't know what she used, but the ukulele version of Somewhere Over the Rainbow is really well known, and would work for someone with a style similar to Spiral's.
Not sure what ur personal style is but I ended up using Jump in the Line -Harry Belefonte (a la Beetlejuice soundtrack) We also used 2 group choreography songs called Fly Hawaii and Bongo Rock....not sure who they are by :( We decided that in the future Elvis' surf era songs and any other 50's surfer rock would do, but we liked the songs we picked because they had electronic musical aspects :) I'd stay away from anything too 'hula' style and slow.... http://www.facebook.com/#!/video/video.php?v=1552388845917 There's the vid of my solo...the lights cut all the way out in the middle and you can't see me too well but you can hear the song
Hey Amanda, I have an event on Saturday. Did you end up finding anything different for your luau songs?


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