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I have reached a dilemma in my hooping. I've learned a lot in the past 6 months, more than I've ever learned in my 3 years of hooping, and because of that I've been rapidly decreasing the diameter of the hoop as well as weight of the hoop. So now I finally upgraded to a beautiful 1/2" tubing 34" diameter polypro hoop. It's awesome! It's like a little cloud in hoop form.

However because I'm still very much an intermediate, I still use my 5/8" 36" hdpe hoop, especially for leg hooping. While I love the new hoop and it makes lots of things easier/better, there's nothing that I can do on that hoop that I can't on my bigger one. But there are things I can't do on the little one that I can with the bigger one. I know part of it is my growth as a hooper, and that one day I'll get it down, but I'm also 5'9 with long legs and hips and shoulders that are proportional to my height. Some people say height isn't a factor once you get to a certain level, but I'm not sure that's true. Having just got the small one, I haven't used it long enough to know if it's just too small to leg hoop/do other tricks with. But it has pushed me to become a better hooper. Having both hoops, therefore, is great!

So now to the problem... I want to buy an LED hoop, but I'm very poor (AmeriCorps doesn't pay much!) so I can't get 2 in two different sizes. I'm going with moodhoops and they have a 36" and a 33". The 33 sounds light and small and great but I don't want to be limited in what I can do, especially if, because of my height, the limitations are permanent. I don't mind not being able to do everything I want to for a couple of months til I get better. And I want to challenge myself! But then the 36" looks a little heavy, and hooping with tiny little cloud hoop has moved me away from anything relatively heavy.

And then there's the polypro deal. Moodhoops seems to be very against getting polypro tubing for an LED, because of the brittle-ness. To each their own as far as tubing goes, but I do really like the responsiveness of the polypro. My hdpe hoop tends to bounce off more when I do rolls which drives me crazy, and the polypro doesn't do it as much. So I guess I'd like to have it in polypro, but I can't afford to get another hoop in a couple of months because this one kinked. Is it worth it??

Sorry that's long... but I'm sure I'm not the first to have this sort of dilemma. Help! And thanks :D

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First off I just wanted to say... I AM AN AMERICORPS MEMBER TOO! It makes me happy to see theres more than one of us in the hooping community that would commit ourselves for a good cause (with little pay).

Back to the point, I have only been hooping for 10 months, but I have been hooping A LOT! I have progressed pretty consistantly since I have been putting in consistant hours of practice. So I have noticed that as I become more proficient I do prefer a smaller sized hoop. My first LED I bought was from Moodhoops and I got the 38" because at the time I was practicing with a 40" hoop. After a few months of having the 38" Moodhoop I found myself practing with 32" and 28" in hoops. So I soon regreting the size I purchase. So my advice is, if you have already found yourself downsizing your hoops overtime, to ensure that you get the most long term use of your LED I would choose the smaller size. But then again, I went with the extra large and 36" is probably more versatile. (sorry I don't know much about polypropelene).


Hope this helps!



That's awesome! What are you doing with AmeriCorps? And yeah I had the 38" Moodhoop and it was too heavy, so I sold it to invest in a smaller one.

I am teaching English to speakers of other languages (ESOL) for adults in my area. It's been a hell of an experience. How about you?


I'm one of those people who bought the largest Moodhoop and I now regret it because I've outgrown it. As a hooper I've worked my way down to a 35' 1/2 diameter poly pro.  I've just recently purchased a 36" HDPE Mood Hoop and I'm really digging it.  I've played with a 33" Mood Hoop before but I've found the medium size works best for me personally as I find it's much more versatile with the on body stuff.  That's just hooping preference of course.  I will say that Mood Hoops does make polypro LEDs even though they have that disclaimer.  I've played with my buddy's 36" Mood Hoop poly and it was a thing of beauty.  She loves hers and has had it for 6 months with no problems.  Maybe the 36" poly from Mood is your safest bet? 

A friend of mine, also very tall, purchased a hoop https://www.facebook.com/#!/CitivaCreationz after owning trick concepts and a mood hoop and said that it's perfection, and also a GREAT price. I also have a mood hoop, but i am only 5 feet with a 33 inch spectrum and from my perspective it is a little spongy

I was recently in the EXACT same sizing dilemma as you are.  I'm 5'10" and my go-to day hoop is 35".  I bought my first LED recently and also being limited in funding, decided to get the 33" instead of the 36" from moodhoops.  I think I made the right choice.  I am having trouble with vertical chest hooping and leg hooping with it, but I think I will be able to do them with a lot more practice.  When I use the LED in public, I just make sure to transition out of leg hooping or vertical chest hooping immediately, and hope no one notices that I can't maintain those moves on a 33" hoop (yet).  If that fails, I just whip up an escalator or a vertical vortex to get it back up.  I also got the polypro upgrade and HIGHLY recommend it.  I hope my experience helps you in your decision! 

Thanks everyone so much for your input, I really appreciate it!

Just wanted to say I am a former Americorps member :)) Awesome job, i loved it


and you can get custom sizes thru mood hoops. i'd do a 34


I most often use hoops that are 35-37" and I switch back and forth a lot. I have four LED hoops, all are 36" in diameter.

One is a custom Cosmic Hooper made with 7/8" HDPE. It's super heavy and became limiting because of its weight. One is a MoodHoop in 5/8" HDPE. It's super squishy/bouncy, like you described above and I don't always like using it for that reason—super hard to do breaks and reversals with and when I do off-body breaks (body taps, whatever you want to call it) the hoop seems to absorb the momentum and rather than bouncing the other direction it just loses momentum and falls to the ground.

So I custom ordered two new (Cosmic Hooper) hoops in 36" polypro. I LOVE them. And I feel like it's a great size. It's small enough that you can do the more precise off-body tricks with, but still big enough that you can rock it on-body too. If you're spending much more time off-body than on, I'd probably suggest asking for a custom size in 34-35" in diameter. 

My 36" polypro custom hoops from CH were about $150-$170 each including shipping, they've got 24 LEDs in each one. I love his hoops because he doesn't put a thicker piece of tubing on to hold it together and house the battery—his batteries are hardwired in and you plug the hoop into a charger. Much easier because I find myself losing my MoodHoop battery and one ended up getting damaged so I only have one battery for it now as it is. Plus that thicker piece of tubing gets in the way of my hands and throws me off when I'm doing the helicopter and some other moves. I like my MoodHoop because it was fairly cost effective (as long as you don't get upgrades/customize), but if you're going to go custom anyway, I'd look into Cosmic Hooper, or at least get quotes from each one. 

Robs Hoops are awesome!! love mine...I made sure I checked with him on which way he measured his hoops, which is on the outside not inside diameter, which can make a difference, even that small amount!! They are lovingly made, and he is very sweet and has superior customer service!!!


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